Monica’s Letter To Luis On Mother’s Day

My beloved son Luis,

There are so many things that my heart feels that I will start by telling you and the world that the day you were born, God gave me the biggest joy and blessing a mother could have…you, my adorable son, my “Bebe” as I used to call you.

You are my life, the light of my eyes and I love you with all my heart, together with my other four children, Adriana, Carolina, Diego and Matias. I don’t understand and I will never comprehend why this accident happened to you, but I know I can’t change the past. It doesn’t mean I forgot what happened to you on that day, 26 years ago, when you were injured in a car accident, breaking your C4-C-7 vertebrae.

If my heart was broken that day, I can only imagine how you must have felt. I know the world turned upside down and those moments were so scary for you my son. As a family, we could only imagine your pain, your sorrow and your life bound to a wheelchair, but my heart always told me how strong you were and that you could move mountains.

After leaving the hospital after your accident, letting you go alone to university in another state was one of the scariest things I ever had to do. A part of me was at ease knowing that your good friend Benjamin would be living with you, but my mind could not stop wondering how your life had changed, and how you would cope with all the new challenges you would have to overcome.

You have always amazed me because you never stopped living life to the fullest, despite the challenges your wheelchair posed. You studied, you ran marathons, you went skydiving, you crossed the Grand Canyon and so much more! We are so proud of you my “Luigi adorado.”

You became the first person in history to transverse the entire “Camino De Santiago de Compostela,” all 940 kilometres across Spain with just the strength of your arms. You travelled the world, you rode your bicycle here, there and everywhere, you swam hundreds of laps in our pool each day. Nothing and no one could stop you; you worked so hard to stay in shape and be as healthy as anyone could be.

Everything seemed to be normal again, but life always brings us surprises, and despite it all, your health was in jeopardy again. I know Luigi, that the road to recovery is not always a peaceful journey. I know your suffering, your despair and most of all your pain. I have witnessed it with my own eyes. I have been by your side seeing you suffer and praying for your pain to go away. I prayed to God to give me your pain and your sorrow, and to help you cope and understand that better days are on their way.

You are so strong my son. You continue to handle your challenges each and every day and never complain. I was told in Medjugorje that God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. You Luis are his beloved and strongest soldier. The past few years have been the toughest ones you’ve been struggling with, but you never give up.

I want you to know Luis how much I love you and how much your father, brothers and sisters love you and always will as well.

There is a quote that says: “God gave you a fingerprint that no one else has, so you can leave an imprint no one else can.” You, my adorable, beloved son Luis Andres have made the biggest most beautiful imprint on my heart, by being my baby and my son and by being you. You bring love and kindness to the world, you bring your beautiful teachings, and most of all, you bring us all your heart of gold.

Never give up, as you said Luis, “mobility is possibility” and I know you can do it.

On this Mother’s Day, thank you Luis for making me a mother for the first time and the proudest mother. I love you with all my heart, with all my love, for ever and ever.