We believe that everyone should have access to the dignity, freedom and independence that mobility brings. That’s why we provide wheelchairs in places where people otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.

Our suppliers

We purchase the majority of our chairs in bulk from social enterprises that share our ethos and vision. Where possible, we buy chairs from local suppliers, in order to support local infrastructure and jobs, and work closely with producers to assist with product development.

Our process

A wheelchair is not one-size-fits-all; it must be modified and fitted to each user. That’s why we send our trained team to every distribution to personally carry out the following steps…


Every beneficiary is medically assessed to make sure they are provided with the appropriate care and device


Chairs are fitted to users according to the user’s condition, postural support needs, and ability


Users receive training in how to use and look after their wheelchair


Each recipient receives a follow-up call or visit from our local partner to make sure they are getting the most out of their new chair

Local sustainability

Every place we go is different, with varying needs, customs, and ways of working. We rely on our local partners all over the world to help us understand how to achieve our aims most effectively and efficiently, and invest in the training of local teams to establish a reliable and competent group of field-based individuals. This is all done with the ultimate goal of making each place that we work in self-sustainable.

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