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Allegra Farrell

Allegra Grace Farrell

Hi to all my friends big and small all over the world!! This year I will be joining my FIRST ever Walkabout where I will be walking and scooting 5k dressed as a super hero to raise  funds to provide wheelchairs to those who need them most. There is an incredible team in London that delivers these chairs to the people who need them most, and all of your donation will go towards the cause. Any donation big or small can make a difference! Thank you for helping me reach my goal!!


Allegra Grace

Latest Donations

Jorge Garcia £150.00
Gustavo Lamelas £50.00
Tara Bergaz $100.00
In support of Allegra Grace's walk. With love, The Bergaz family
Rebecca Spooner $50.00
Tom Logan $50.00
Go Allegra Grace
Laura Larrieu $50.00
Go Allegra!!! We love you!
Caro Toledo $30.00
Luis Lamar $50.00
Elizabeth Nuell $50.00
Chris Poore $50.00
Sebastian Conway $40.00
Mariana Herrera Frahm £50.00
This is amazing! XX
Laura Freyss $100.00
<3 <3 <3 LOVE YOU <3 <3 <3
Natalia Miyar £75.00
Mayi de la Vega $100.00
Adorable Allegra Grace, what a wonderful cause! Love ya!
Cristina Echavarria $100.00
Great cause! Adorable Allegra!
Brian Farrell £150.00
Go Ags!
Manuel de Zarraga $250.00
Lourdes Brea $50.00
Go Allegra! We’ll be thinking of you from across the pond!
Matias Andres Martinez $100.00
Maurice Habif $50.00
Maria Suarez Rivas £20.00
Go Allegra!!!
Carolina Portela $50.00
Beatriz Wolcott $50.00
Cleme Sader £50.00
You go girl!!!!! xxxx
Hannah McCarthy-Bridges £40.00
Yay go Allegra! Lots of love Hannah & Johnny xx
Caitriona Farrell £100.00
Wow Allegra!
Marilu Raymond $25.00
Go Allegra!! Xoxo Grace Emmie and Ella
Katy Stoka $50.00
Amazing Allegra!
Fiona and Kelly Smith $25.00
Go Allegra!! Love cousins Kelly and Fiona
Noelie Blanco $20.00
Chris Leavitt $50.00
Go Allegra!
Luis Lamar £150.00
Kristine Slattery $50.00
Barbara Lamar $100.00
Love and hugs to Allegra Grace - have a wonderful day for a wonderful cause🙌🏻
toinette rivas $50.00
Goooo Allegra!!!!

Raised £2,125.08 $2,783.85

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£ 4,926.00
$ 6,453.06
That's 9 life-changing wheelchair(s)!