Arielle Rausin

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Arielle Rausin

Arielle Rausin's 2017 Virgin London Marathon

About seven months ago I got a new wheelchair. Saying it was life-changing would be an understatement to how much it improved my quality of life. This wheelchair weighs only ten pounds so immediately everything in my daily routine became easier. Getting my wheelchair in and out of my truck no longer strained my shoulders, I could push down bumpy sidewalks without fear of falling, and its simple design and extremely light weight allowed me to get where I was going faster than ever before.
My life has exponentially improved from this piece of technology, and it blows my mind that over 60 million people don’t have access to this chair…or any chair for that matter.
To help solve this problem, The Walkabout Foundation provides wheelchairs free of charge to people in developing countries all across the world. One wheelchair only costs them $300.00 to manufacture and distribute, so as an ambassador, my New Year’s goal is to provide ten wheelchairs for people who need them most. I will match however much money I can raise by donating the prize money I receive from marathons towards this organization that strives to do so much good.
I will be racing in my first London Marathon on April 23rd, 2017- the date by which I would like to raise $3000.00. I know this is a lofty endeavor, but with your help, I truly believe we can make this happen and create our own small slice of positivity in the world. Any donation from $1 to $100 would be greatly appreciated! As a wheelchair user myself, I can’t begin to tell you how impactful this will be in the lives of others.

Raised £3,453.36 $4,523.90

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