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Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster

Carolina's Birthday Campaign

Dear friends,

The past few weeks have been difficult, uncertain and frightening for many of us. That’s why, this Mother’s Day, we feel it is more important than ever to give thanks for the hope, kindness and love that mothers bring into the world every day.

Last month, I visited our Walkabout Wheelchair Centre in Kenya, where we assemble and provide wheelchairs to people across the country, as well as offering rehabilitation to children with disabilities and training programmes to their carers.

In the majority of cases we see in Kenya, the main carer of a child with a disability is their (often single) mother, and I met many during my visit. As a mother of two myself, I was particularly struck by two things: firstly, the strength of the love that these mothers had for their children, despite their often incredibly difficult situation; and secondly, the multifaceted way that our centre is helping these mothers.

A wheelchair makes it easier for a mother to take her child out with her – meaning she no longer has to leave her child alone when going to work or to the shops. It also often means that a child can go to school for the first time – giving mum the time to get a job. The rehabilitation that the children receive often leads to great improvements in their condition, making their care easier. And, perhaps most importantly, the training and counselling programme offered to carers – which covers everything from physical exercises, to feeding, to understanding disability – gives mothers the tools they need to put their love into practice in the best way possible.

So, today, on a day to show our gratitude to mothers everywhere – and a day that also happens to be my birthday! – I ask you to celebrate with me in a special way. Let’s give more mothers, like those I met in Kenya, the possibilities that are opened up by giving mobility to their child.  Please, donate today!

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jonathan guerbato £200.00
Great cause, keep the amazing work . I wish I had your courage.
Karim Si-Ahmed £100.00
Happy birthday Caroline!
Giacomo Gerosa £250.00
Marie Hertell £200.00
We are happy to give this precious gift to celebrate Carolina"s birthday and congratulate her for the great work she does! From Puerto Rico with love, Hans and Marie
Felicidades Carolina 🎉🎂Gracias por la Linda Labor que cambia tantas vidas. Que siempre estés bendecida 🙏🏻❤️
Shell Smith $150.00
Sending love and healing vibes from Greenwich, CT. From one Aries to another—mothers will change their world. Gratitude for being this change!
Marlies Furby £100.00
Happy birthday! Stay safe! Wonderful charity
Hamed Khodabakhsh £250.00
Catherine Monteiro de Barros £200.00
Andrei Secuesu $50.00

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