Charles Rabier’s 3 Peaks Challenge

A Charles Rabier Campaign
Charles Rabier

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Charles Rabier

Charles Rabier's 3 Peaks Challenge

Looking for a personal challeneg to make the difference.

I have decided with a group of colleagues from RBC IS London to take part in a charity challenge and raise money for Walkabout to help the one in needs with what is one of very important things in life: mobility. Some who don’t have the change like us to be able to walk and still need to be mobile but can’t affor it, a wheelchair is just a way to a new life. This is what really touched me with Walkabout and made this supreme moto to walk for those that can’t.

About the challenge…
On July 5th 2013. around 2 pm we will start surely what is the toughest UK trekking challenge: the 3 peaks in 24 hours. From Ben Navis in Scotland through to Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales, the 40 km and 3000 m ascent will be our personal challenge. Overcoming in the pain and with the help of our determination climb the 3 peaks for those that cant walk and help them to one day have a wheelchair that will change their life.

Walkabout controls the full value chain of the wheelchair from building to distribution.

200 GBP = a wheelchair

Please donate and contribute to support my challenge to give someone the chance for a new life.

Thank you for your kindness


Raised £830.00 $1,087.30

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That's 3 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
Campaign has ended
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