Forever Young Festival

A Alexander Van Holk Campaign
Alexander Van Holk

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Alexander Van Holk

Forever Young Festival

By organising the Forever Young Festival we hope to raise a significant amount of donations for the Walkabout Foundation which will be used to fund new wheelchair donations and fund research into finding a cure for paralysis.

On this page you can select individual wheelchair parts so that you have a tangible idea what your donation will contribute, or you can just enter a donation amount below.

As Cees and Alexander mentioned in the invitation letter, they are hoping to raise about €50 (or £40) for every person that will be coming but any donation is welcome. If you can’t make it but you would still like to support this wonderful charity you can of course still make a donation as well.

We promise you that at least 80% (and hopefully more) of the funds raised will go directly to the Walkabout Foundation, but we will use a small amount to cover some of the festival costs beyond the majority of the costs that Cees and Alexander have graciously offered to cover.

Many thanks for your support!

Raised £6,110.48 $8,004.73

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£ 20,000.00
$ 26,200.00
That's 24 life-changing wheelchair(s)!