Gary Finnegan

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Gary Finnegan

Gary Finnegan's 800 Kilometer tour through Spain

I found the Camino or should I say the Camino found me late last year.
I had planned a trip on my bicycle thru Western Europe and while planning my route I realized the opportunity to take ‘The Way’. A way my late mother had always dreamed of taking, but unfortunately herself had never realized.
I departed my journey wanting to forge perhaps a closeness with her but more importantly a closer bond with myself.
Low and behold these weren’t the only relationships to develop and strengthen along the journey as I developed a strong bond with a group of like minded individuals whom I’ve subsequently stayed close to.
When Jeroen proposed the idea of a Charitable journey as a team I warmed to idea immediately as I expect he wasn’t surprised of.

If we together can improve others lives as we have together improved our own, that will be an experience I will always remember and appreciate the opportunity to have taken part in.

Buen Camino

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