Isabella Guastaferro

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Isabella Guastaferro

Isabella Guastaferro's Build a Wheelchair Page

Hello, my name is Isabella Guastaferro a high school student living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I have a sister with cerebral palsy who, throughout the years, has grown to be a beautiful and intelligent woman. My aspired goal is to help others, maybe not so fortunate as my sister; to grow as healthy and happy as she has. My target is 4 wheelchairs, which is equal to 1,200USD. I hope that with the sufficient help of people all around the world I will be able to achieve this goal, and in the future increasing my gathered donations to help more than originally anticipated.

Latest Donations

Anonymous $100.00
Love your sensibility towards disabled people. Keep on working!!!:)
Gianna Albors $100.00
Buena obra que estas haciendo Isabella, sigue adelante con tus proyecyos de ayuda a la comunidad. Tia Gigi
Anonymous $100.00
Keep up this beautiful work!!!!!

Raised £917.65 $1,202.13

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That's 4 life-changing wheelchair(s)!