Katharina Tuerke

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Katharina Tuerke

Katharina Tuerke's 800 Kilometer tour through Spain

I’m 29 years old and I work as a police officer at the riot police in Germany. In 2013 my love for the Camino de Santiago was born when I walked it the first time. Since that moment I walked the Camino or pieces of the Camino every year. It somehow became a part of my life. I’m impressed by the easy way of traveling and by meeting people from all over the world. I feel it as a gift that I have the health and the energy to walk only with my backpack through this beautiful landscape, threw the world!! I want to help and strengthen people who are not able to move by themselves, to see the world on their own way, with their own eyes! Everybody should have the chance to be independent, especially by the way of moving!

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