Matteo & Giulia London Walkabout 2018

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Alessandra Caroni

Matteo & Giulia London Walkabout 2018

On Saturday September 29, we will be walking 5k for those who can’t. Please donate to our fundraising page so that Walkabout can get more wheelchairs and change many more lives!

You can also join us and our family on this great walk around the Serpentine in Hyde Park. To book please visit   Tickets include a superhero cape, picnic, goody bag, games, live band and much more!

Latest Donations

Giacomo Petrobelli £50.00
Egidio Viceconti £50.00
Farnaz Bayat Far £50.00
Raquel Burnett £40.00
Jennifer Bradley £70.00
Good luck with the walk from the MAC team!
Benedetta Stanca £50.00
Leone e Ari Ascarelli £50.00
Fabio Pedrazzini £100.00
Violante Avogadro £40.00
Olivier Dittli $20.00
giulia molteni £50.00
Pascal Eyholzer £40.00
Arianna Valdo £100.00
Christophe Ernst £20.00
Eleonora Re £50.00
giada tronchetti provera £40.00
Vesna Caroni £50.00
Ornella Caroni £200.00
Claudia Caroni £50.00
Maria Luisa Caroni £100.00

Raised £1,215.27 $1,592.00

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£ 2,000.00
$ 2,620.00
That's 5 life-changing wheelchair(s)!