Walkabout Foundation’s Monthly Giving

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Walkabout Foundation's Monthly Giving

Walkabout is proud to announce it’s launch of our monthly giving initiative, whereby you can support a person in need in the developing world.

Please support us throughout the year by signing up to our monthly giving! Here is what £20, £50, £100 a month can accomplish:

£20 a month could buy a custom fitted, locally repairable wheelchair for a woman with a disability.

£50 a month could pay to teach 65 mothers of children with disabilities how best to look after their little ones, through the Mother Training Programme at the JJ Walkabout Centre in India.

£100 a month could pay for a wheelchair and a full year’s worth of specialised rehabilitation for a child at the Walkabout Day Care & Support Centre in Kenya, allowing his or her mother to return to work with the knowledge that their child is being cared for.

Raised £1,280.00 $1,676.80

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That's 5 life-changing wheelchair(s)!