Warren’s London Marathon 2023

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Warren Handley

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Warren Handley

Warren's London Marathon 2023

Dear friends & family,

This year, I have set myself the challenge of running the 2023 London Marathon in honour of Walkabout Foundation, aiming to fundraise £3,000 for their global wheelchair projects! £3,000 is the equivalent of 12 life-changing wheelchairs for people in desperate need in the developing world.

I invite you to support me in reaching my target, and support Walkabout Foundation in its mission to change the world of mobility disabilities, one person, one wheelchair at a time.

I’m hoping all these frosty morning runs will be worth it as I’m aiming to complete the marathon in 2 hours 45 minutes!

Every donation makes a difference. Thank you for all your support!

Latest Donations

Sarah Van der Nest £25.00
Keep doing your thing Wah! You’re an inspiration to us all! X
J Handley £100.00
Brittany Powell £20.00
You got that 2:45!
Pascal McPetrie £200.00
Good luck Waz! London was my very best marathon experience xx
Mia Arnold $15.00
Anderson Petergeorge £20.00
You’re an inspiration Warren! Best of luck on the run you got this 💙🔥
Christen Brandt £40.00
Go Warren! With love from C+E
Vicki Powell £30.00
go warren!
Tom Blake £20.00
Good on ya mate!
Anonymous £20.00
Andres Lara $20.00
Go Warren go!
Anonymous £25.00
Dennis Owusu-Sem £25.00
Wishing you the best of luck!!
Grace Njunge $20.00
Go Warren! You are such an insipiration to all of us <3
Jessica Barford £20.00
Good luck Warren! You inspire all of us ☺️
Lindsay Strouse £20.00
The world is better because you’re in it! Good luck on 2:45 💪🏼
Angus Macdonald £20.00
Warren is an inspiration and a king.
Anonymous £20.00
My biggest inspiration; forever and from the start ❤️
David Abrams £100.00
It's not 6000km but it's beyond impressive 😉 Go Wa !!!

Raised £746.98 $978.55

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That's 3 life-changing wheelchair(s)!