Warren’s London Marathon 2023

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Warren Handley

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Warren Handley

Warren's London Marathon 2023

Dear friends & family,

This year, I have set myself the challenge of running the 2023 London Marathon in honour of Walkabout Foundation, aiming to fundraise £3,000 for their global wheelchair projects! £3,000 is the equivalent of 12 life-changing wheelchairs for people in desperate need in the developing world.

I invite you to support me in reaching my target, and support Walkabout Foundation in its mission to change the world of mobility disabilities, one person, one wheelchair at a time.

I’m hoping all these frosty morning runs will be worth it as I’m aiming to complete the marathon in 2 hours 45 minutes!

Every donation makes a difference. Thank you for all your support!

Latest Donations

Celeste Mottahedin-Fardo £10.00
Well done, Warren! so proud of you xx
Michelle Marshall £90.00
Proud beyond measure! Sending Godmother hugs from Botswana .
Julia Buchanan Swart £25.00
Annamarie Krcmar £35.00
Congratulations on a stellar cause and race, Warren!
Traci van Reenen $20.00
Emily Duvill-Roniger £20.00
Pam Mc Iver £15.00
Good luck Warren!
Karan Savara £30.00
Warren laced up his shoes and hit the track, With miles ahead and no looking back. He'd trained for months to run this race, A challenge he was eager to face. Through the rain and the wind, he kept his pace, Pushing forward with a determined face. The crowds cheered him on, their energy high, As Warren ran beneath the London sky. His breaths came ragged, his legs felt weak, But Warren's spirit would not be beat. He pushed through the pain and kept on going, Toward the finish line, his heart glowing. And when at last he crossed that line, He smiled with pride and knew it was fine, For Warren had run the London Marathon, A feat that no one could take from him. So let us raise a cheer for Warren, dear, A runner who faced his greatest fear, And conquered it with strength and grace, In the London Marathon's famous race.
Anonymous £10.00
All the best Wa! You’ve got this!
Darragh Seery £50.00
Good luck, champ!
Matt Williams $50.00
Get it Wazza 💪🏼💪🏼
Daniel Arrázola £5.00
Prafull Gupta £15.00
Msizi Masikane £15.00
Great Initiative Warren, all the best for Sunday’s race.
anastasia lite £10.00
All the best, Warren Kind regards ana
Jean Kabasomi £10.00
Lachlan Macdonald £20.00
Anna Aden $10.00
Go Warren!!!!!
Karyn Miller £10.00
Samantha Glutz £20.00
Well done on raising so much awareness Wazza! You are going to smash this marathon! Can’t wait 😆❤️
Anonymous £20.00
Good work Warren - come on ODs
Tee Dee £25.00
Let's go!
Adrian Maulana £5.00
Marisa Nobs $25.00
Good luck!! You got this!!
Nicholas Bicket £20.00
Good luck, Warren
Tomer Amir £20.00
Joanne Tilley £30.00
All the best Warren!
Anonymous £5.00
Warren, you’re inspiring.
Amy Scoble £50.00
Backing you all the way Wa! What a fantastic cause <3
Phillippa Radford £5.00
You are an inspiration Warren!!
Zorawer Singh £20.00
Lilian Chen £21.46
Anonymous £10.00
Give it Horns Wozza!!
Pascal McPetrie £50.00
So excited for you Waz!
Taher Al-Noman £25.00
Edem Gbedemah £15.00
Angelina Leung £10.00
Tom Saitta £20.00
Have a great run Warren! - Tom & Lilla
Anjana Menon £5.00
Jose Cobangbang IV £10.00
Good luck man
Hannah Stern £10.00
Paddy & Rebecca Richards £20.00
Samantha Phillips £15.00
You got this, Warren!!!
Paaras Belandor $5.00
Abhinav Bansal £10.00
Proud of you Warren.
Prateek Garg £10.00
Go Warren. Rooting for you
Fredrik Andersson Guldkula £5.00
Anonymous £7.00
Silvia Parrado £5.00
Lucy Nyamaah $10.00
Sunny Ubale £15.00
Robert Shustack £36.00
Wonderful cause!
Tochi Ginigeme $10.00
Go Warren!!! You’ve got this!
Aditi Agrawal £5.00
Pablo Mendoza $15.00
Anonymous £10.00
Rooting for you and this cause Warren!!
Ana Maria Sanchez Exposito £20.00
On behalf of my mom! Good luck!!
Anonymous £5.00
Bryony Mc Iver £12.56
Loooove you!!!!!!!!
Anonymous £5.00
Andrew Wakefield £10.00
Go Warren you beast!
Prafull Gupta £15.00
Warren you are truly a rockstar for doing this and helping such a beautiful cause! More and more power to you ! Truly an inspiration to all of us!
Jocelyn Badenhorst $20.00
Ana Maria Sanchez Exposito £10.00
You got this Warren! You are amazing!
Erin O’Brien £5.00
Devyn Russell $15.00
Andres Lara £5.00
James Mccallum £50.00
Good luck Waza
James Peter Morris £35.00
Crush it whampie! Proud as per usual!
Johanna Janout £20.00
Magdalen Kupfersberger £20.00
Reece Bolus £30.00
Good luck Wa, what a special effort.
Ted Kihiu $25.00
All the best!
Dean Jagger £110.00
Jack Baldwin £25.00
Well done mate, best of luck with the run!
Evan Strauss $25.00
You've got this, Waz!
Demi Mcowen $30.00
Gustavo Lara Alcantara £50.00
Gustavo Lara Oriani $50.00
Have a great Marathon!! Keep the great efforts and congratulations on aligning your race with a great cause! Regards from Mexico.
Megan Ruttell $20.00
A genorosity that knows no bounds ❤️Keep going Wa!
Takuya Ukai £10.00
All the best, Warren!!!!
Tanvi Nautiyal £20.00
Katherine Dellar £30.00
Himshi Bachchas £20.00
Murat Atalay £10.00
Zachary Dedekind $20.00
Such a warrior. I know you are going to crush it!!
Brooke Reese $10.00
Komar Subramanian £50.00
Shuya Yoshimura £20.00
Go emperor, go!!
Dani Shustack £36.00
Such an amazing cause! Let’s go Warren!!!
Anita Muoki £35.00
Brilliant cause! Cheering you on 🙂
Rocco Zizzamia £30.00
You're going to smash it Warren. Can't wait to line up with you.
Anonymous £25.00
Gavin Cowley £20.00
It’s a gift to celebrate a birthday
Sharon Van der Valk £20.00
Amy Whittle £200.00
Great cause ! Run well cuz xx
Esther Austin £25.00
You’re amazing, go smash that 2.45!
Bevan Ducasse $50.00
Trust you have an incredible race Waz 💥🔥
Erin O'Brien £20.00
Good luck Warren!!! Can’t wait to cheer you on! 💪🏻
Anonymous £20.00
Cannot wait to watch you crush this! You are amazing beyond!!! And this initiative is equally so ❤️ Go go go!
Anonymous £15.00
Crush it Wakandla!
Etienne Andre $50.00
Ellen Gamble £2.00
Ellen Gamble £2.00
Sarah Van der Nest £25.00
Keep doing your thing Wah! You’re an inspiration to us all! X
J Handley £100.00
Brittany Powell £20.00
You got that 2:45!
Pascal McPetrie £200.00
Good luck Waz! London was my very best marathon experience xx
Mia Arnold $15.00
Anderson Petergeorge £20.00
You’re an inspiration Warren! Best of luck on the run you got this 💙🔥
Christen Brandt £40.00
Go Warren! With love from C+E
Vicki Powell £30.00
go warren!
Tom Blake £20.00
Good on ya mate!
Anonymous £20.00
Andres Lara $20.00
Go Warren go!
Anonymous £25.00
Dennis Owusu-Sem £25.00
Wishing you the best of luck!!
Grace Njunge $20.00
Go Warren! You are such an insipiration to all of us <3
Jessica Barford £20.00
Good luck Warren! You inspire all of us ☺️
Lindsay Strouse £20.00
The world is better because you’re in it! Good luck on 2:45 💪🏼
Angus Macdonald £20.00
Warren is an inspiration and a king.
Anonymous £20.00
My biggest inspiration; forever and from the start ❤️
David Abrams £100.00
It's not 6000km but it's beyond impressive 😉 Go Wa !!!

Raised £3,050.15 $3,995.70

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That's 12 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
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