Ecuador is already ahead of others, as its president – Lenin Moreno – is the world’s only head of state in a wheelchair. The President is among the 1.6 million people in the country who live with a disability.

Of these, the national registry has registered 418,000 people, and nearly 50% have a physical disability.

At Walkabout, we strive to be one of the first on the ground to help after a natural disaster occurs and provide relief in the form of wheelchairs. Therefore, after Ecuador experienced a devastating earthquake in April 2016, which injured over 20,000 people, we immediately sent a container of 280 wheelchairs to cover the immediate need of those who were injured or lost their chairs.

About Ecuador
% living below poverty line25.6
Our work
Year started working2016
Number of distributions1
Lives impacted

This number is based on UCP Wheels for Humanity’s multiplier, which takes the birth rate in each country and estimates that one wheelchair impacts the beneficiaries life in full, 0.75% of his or her primary caregiver’s life and 0.25% of the surrounding family members’ (siblings) lives.

Number of chairs distributed280


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