Uganda is home to one of the largest refugee crises in the world. There are approximately 2 million refugees residing in the country today, predominantly from South Sudan. Because of the conflict and the country under increased pressure, the need for wheelchairs amongst both locals and refugees is at an all time high.

Thanks to two generous donors and Euromonitor International, this December we returned to Uganda to distribute 320 wheelchairs and 50 tricycles with the help of our local partners, World Action Fund and Hope Health Action. These chairs came directly from our Walkabout Wheelchair Assembly Centre in Kenya, where they were built by our Kenyan disabled employees. So far, our incredible partners, World Action Fund and Hope Health Action, have distributed 178 wheelchairs and 31 trikes, and we look forward to distributing the rest in the coming weeks!

The need in this region is overwhelming and we need your help more than ever. Click below to donate to our work in Uganda.