3 wheelchairs to Tanzania

We love receiving photos like these that came through from The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children in Tanzania last week, where we recently helped to donate three chairs for three children with disabilities at their orphanage.

The three children, Neema Malele (10), Mayila (9) and Veneranda (11), attend the JBFC’s Joseph & Mary Schools. The girls live at the orphanage, whereas Mayila is on a scholarship and lives half a mile away with his family. Chris Gates, Executive Director and Founder of JBFC, reports that the children are bright, happy and active students but struggle to keep up with their class-mates at times, especially after long days of study. Mayila, along with the girls, was so used to moving around on his hands and feet to get to and from school that he was tiring quickly. The girls used to have to be carried to all activities, such as their favourite reading buddies program at the library down the road.

With the help of a generous donor, we sent three Tough Rider wheelchairs. Their sturdy build makes them perfect for rough terrain, giving the children all the independence that they need to be able to continue their studies and spend time with their friends. The smiles on the children’s faces say it all. These wheelchairs have given them freedom.

If you would like to donate chairs to a specific project close to your heart, then please email info@walkaboutfoundation.org as we’ll be happy to facilitate it for you.