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Alessandra Aprile Borriello

Ale's Charity Campaign

Hey guys!

This summer I am lucky enough to be able to participate in a charity’s campaign programme organised by Walkabout Foundation in Kenya.

The aim of this charity is to improve the quality of life for people from young to older ages with mobility disabilities through the provision of wheelchairs and rehabilitation.


Each wheelchair costs £250. And so, through reaching my goal of £5,000 a total of at least 20 wheelchairs will be provided. This number is small but impactful as it can drastically improve or even save peoples lives- any wheelchair is better than none!

And so, I encourage you to be involved or donate in any way since not only will it be beneficial for these people in need, but also for you!

Thank you so much and I hope we can reach this worthwhile goal together.


Latest Donations

Simona Costanzo £50.00
Sandra Cohen £100.00
Anonymous £1,500.00
Forza Ale!!!
James Ikin £20.00
Chris Dahl £20.00
Good Lick !
Nicolo Aprile £50.00
Brava Ale!
Niels Dybbroe £100.00
With this attitude you will never walk alone. Well done
Fan Yang £50.00
Good luck!
Ben Morrison £30.00
Good luck!!
Marco Bessone £100.00
Great initiative, well done!
Daniela Frulio £200.00
Silvia Bota £20.00
Very nice initiative! Good luck!
David Morant £200.00
Wheely well done
Elliot Biraben £50.00
Good luck on this project !!!
jason Martinet £5.00
just felt pressured from my boss
Nicolai Molin £200.00
Great course Ale hope you get to go Kenya is amazing.
Salvatore Castellano £100.00
Bravissima Ale !!!
Bernadett Bencs £100.00
Good luck Ale, wonderful cause! 🙂
Lars Dencker Nielsen £200.00
Great cause!
amedeo scognamiglio $250.00
Grande, Ale!
Elly Ketsea £30.00
Congrats for the initiative, Alessandra!
Nonna Lina £100.00
Nonna Lina
Maria Elena Fazio £30.00
Paolo Carbone £100.00
Angelo, Silvana Di Battista £200.00
E vai !!!!!!!
Maria Grazia Borriello £50.00
Giuseppina Gaglione £50.00
Alla mia nipotina fantastica!
Hannah Duale £20.00
Dafni Fourlis £250.00
Alba Buonaiuto £200.00
Elisa Gaglione £50.00
Go Ale go! Good luck with your 50miles walk!
elisabetta buonaiuto £250.00
Luca Lobefalo £1.00

Raised £4,691.84 $6,146.31

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£ 5,000.00
$ 6,550.00
That's 19 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
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