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Vinita Agarwal Teja


Please support Aris and Rayaan raise money for the walkabout foundation as they walk 5K tomorrow to help support children who need wheelchairs around the world. We are so appreciative of how lucky we are to be able to run, walk, and be mobile everyday – let’s raise awareness and help those who can’t. Love Rayaan, Aris and Vinita

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Abha Housego £25.00
Meheen Rangoonwala Dalamal £100.00
Amazing! Send pics xx
George Livanos £30.00
Well done Rayaan, we are proud of you!
Vedika Jhunjhnuwala £30.00
Great work for a fantastic cause! Keep it up!
Anonymous £20.00
Anonymous £50.00
Ajay Matharu £20.00
Binil Tahlan £20.00
Anonymous £30.00
Anjani Vasson £50.00
Go Rayaan and Aris!
Anonymous £25.00

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That's 2 life-changing wheelchair(s)!