Walkabout 2018

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Patricia Dente Haimes

Walkabout 2018

Matty and I believe in getting the children involved in charity at a young age. Grayson supports Crisis (a charity helping to eradicate homeless in the UK), while Weston has started her focus on the Walkabout Foundation (helping those who are paralyzed).

Westie is taking her cute little legs for a 5K walk around Hyde Park this weekend to raise money for the Walkabout Foundation. 100% of the proceeds will buy wheelchairs for people in need and help fund research for paralysis. She would appreciate if you could sponsor her – even the smallest of donations makes a big difference!

In addition to the walk, she’s co-hosting the Cake Walk activity stand with me, encouraging her friends to participate and raise additional funds!

Thank you so much for supporting Westie!! Lots of love, P and Matty xx

PS – You can add to the funding page even after the event!

Latest Donations

Mary Greenwell £60.00
This is such a wonderful cause
Marcella Criscola $125.00
Great job Westie! Love Fia, Cece & Mimi
Elizabeth Rafferty £50.00
Hope it went well. E xx
Stella & Fiamma Uzielli £20.00
Burton Haimes $100.00
This is a donation by Monique and Burton Haimes in support of Weston Haimes. Efforts on behalf of your charity
Patricia Dente Haimes £100.00
Supporting our Westie!

Raised £401.76 $526.30

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£ 500.00
$ 655.00
That's 2 life-changing wheelchair(s)!