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Camilla Fitzgerald

Camilla's Royal Parks Half Marathon 2022

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for making it to this page and for sponsoring me for my first-ever half marathon.

The event is just 5 short weeks away… and so far I have run a maximum of 6km. To say, it’s a challenge for me is an understatement – as many of you know I do not run AT ALL and up until recently was a very heavy smoker too. Combine the two, and it’s safe to say you do not have a recipe for marathon success…!

However, in honour of those who cannot run, and to support a charity that is incredibly dear to my heart, I am working hard to change my ways and complete the half on the 9th October!

Having worked at Walkabout Foundation for 4+ years, I can promise that 100 percent of what I raise will go 100 percent to supporting two people in need of wheelchairs in Uganda. Having visited Walkabout’s projects myself, and personally met disabled South Sudanese refugees who have fled the conflict to the safety of Uganda – I can’t overstate just how much a wheelchair can help improve their quality of life. It can help a child go to school, a parent to go to the market or a mother to simply feel beautiful again and have her dignity back. By supporting me today, you aren’t only giving back the gift of mobility to two people but you are also standing for a basic human right.

Absolutely every penny raised counts!! Thank you so much for the support. I promise to send you a sweaty selfie after the event and to personally update you on the two lives you’ve helped to change too.

Thank you! 


Latest Donations

Marianne Mehdizadeh £25.00
So proud of you Camilla!! Such a superstar, bravo 🎉💛
Sebastien de Menthon £10.00
Aller Camilla!
Emma Faulkner £20.00
Sending you all the luck - enjoy it xxxxx
Nick Winnett £10.00
Good luck!!
Thomas Barker £5.00
Wooop wooooop goooo Camilla!!
Amy Crawford £5.00
Anita McCulloch £50.00
Fiona FitzHerbert £50.00
Good Luck xx
Tyler Bollier £50.00
Bravo cam! Such a great initiative!
Jade Chouin £20.00
Very inspired !! Go Camilla !!!!
S D £20.00
Yo go glen coco
Kathryn O’Brien £50.00
Enjoy every moment
Bravo ma chérie, very proud of you 🙂
Diane Destribats £100.00
Proud of you!!!
Ross Mcculloch £10.00
Veronique Fitzgerald £90.00
Bernard Natier $20.00
Will Attenborough £20.00
Katherine Lausecker fitzgerald $50.00
James Fitzgerald £50.00

Raised £688.44 $901.85

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