Casey’s Berlin Marathon 2023

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Casey Pherson

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Casey Pherson

Casey's Berlin Marathon 2023

Hey y’all,

For 2023, I have set myself the challenge of not only running the world famous Berlin Marathon, but also fundraising £1,000 /$1,300 for Walkabout Foundation and I’m asking for your support!

As many of you know, mobility is a cause near and dear to my heart. I was fortunate enough to work with individuals who utilize wheelchairs for both mobility and for sport as a part of my capstone research project in PT school. Getting to know these folks, and understanding the role mobility plays in their independence and quality of life truly had a profound impact on me. This is why I have chosen to fundraise on behalf of  Walkabout Foundation for the Berlin Marathon.

The £1,000 I am trying to raise is the equivalent of 4 life-changing wheelchairs for people in desperate need in the developing world. Please help me reach my target this year, and help Walkabout Foundation in its mission to change the world of mobility disabilities – one person, one wheelchair at a time.

Every donation makes a difference. Thank you for all your support!

Latest Donations

Chris Mason $35.00
beth broering $75.00
Peggy Nieder $25.00
Anonymous $25.00
Lori Perez $40.00
Caitlyn Berry $25.00
Michael Larson $25.00
Michelle Newman Isaac $50.00
Cheering you on from Ohio! Love ya!
Catherine Hull $25.00
Collin Condron $10.00
Kevin McBreen $50.00
Casey, Have an amazing marathon experience in Berlin.
Leslie Shakespeare $50.00
Happy to contribute! Have a fantastic experience!
Patricia Henson-Dacey $25.00
Go Casey! Have an awesome experience.
Aliea Lewis $50.00
Casey is an amazing person, and she’s raising funds for an awesome cause close to her heart. Love you girl! #wolfie4life
Jeffy Colby $20.00
Stephanie Belanger $50.00
Happy Birthday!! You’re going to rock this race!! Go Casey Go!!
John Kren $50.00
Claudia Weiskittel $50.00
Go Casey!!!
Sam Druetzler $100.00
Good luck Casey! Excited to spectate and cheer you on in a few weeks.
Beth Broering $50.00
Charlene Pherson $50.00
Amanda Huff $50.00
JP Barfield $50.00
So proud of you and your work for others.
Erika Tabor $13.00
Brendan Conway $30.00
Go Nicole!

Raised £780.92 $1,023.00

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That's 3 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
Campaign has ended
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