Christian’s London Marathon 2022

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Christian Lane

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Christian Lane

Christian's London Marathon 2022

I’m lacing up my running shoes and training for another marathon! I’m excited to share that this time it’s across the pond in the UK. Most importantly however, I am running in honor of my brother, Cory, who was born with spina bifida—a condition which can severely limit a person’s mobility.

I invite you join me in supporting the Walkabout Foundation’s mission to provide dignity, freedom and independence to people with mobility disabilities around the world. 100% of every donation will go towards providing someone in need with a life-changing wheelchair.

My goal is to raise $4,000, enough to supply 12 wheelchairs for those in need, but I can’t do it alone! Every dollar counts, and I would be so grateful for a donation of any size.

If you are unable to assist financially at this time, spreading the news to friends and family who may also like to join in this mission would mean a lot. Simply share the link to this site via text, email, or social media.

I greatly appreciate your support in making a positive impact on the lives of those with mobility disabilities.

Latest Donations

Nancy Hozouri $50.00
Christian, I'm so excited for you to be participating in this!
Jane Foster $25.00
Jacqueline Kitts $50.00
Nicole Celeste $50.00
Craig Whitacre $50.00
John Kren $100.00
Tina Williams $100.00
Thank you Christian for trying to make this world a better place!
Karon Bowser $100.00
Christian, you are a bright light shining in this world to help those who need assistance simply because you can. You and Cory are a beautiful example of brotherly love. .
Brian Walters $25.00
Beth Plasters $300.00
I’m donating for my oldest son who is running in honor of his younger brother who was born with Spina Bifida.
Keith Dooley $100.00
From Uncle Keith! He wanted me to do the online portion for him :).
Kerry Dooley $100.00
You rock Christian! Good luck in the marathon!
Hannah Russell $25.00
Nancy Hans £50.00
Ashale Thompson $50.00
Good luck Christian!!
Wanda Ware $100.00
Spencer Norman $25.00
Wendell Witt $200.00
Leslie Shakespeare $25.00
Hope this helps a bit!
Emily Agee $50.00
Freddie King $200.00
King’s Auto Upholstery
KAREN Parrish $25.00
Peggy Lane $25.00
Mawmaw & Toot Toot
Lori Applebach $10.00
Go Christian go! 🧁
Samantha Martin $100.00
Stephanie Belanger $25.00
Good Luck in London!
Darren Green $15.00
Blake Andrews $10.00
Christian is a beautiful man
Henry Bronez $50.00
Good running in London my man!
Sarah Custer $15.00
Go Christian!!
Linda Johnson $100.00
Mark Long $100.00
Annette Shaw $25.00
Leslie McRaney $20.00
Michelle Waldron $20.00
Juliet Waller $20.00
Katrina Benson $100.00
Debbie Dooley $200.00
Bonnie Knighton $25.00
Glad to donate Christian! Good luck in your marathon.
Sandra Jeanson $100.00
Sherry Black $200.00
Rebecca Whiteside $50.00
Love & Best Wishes! Aunt Beck
Mary Capra $50.00
Sharon Shelton $100.00
Sue Saunders $25.00
Antoinette Barber $100.00
Cody Johnson $50.00
Diana Numeiry $25.00
Rooting for you!!
Collin Condron $10.00
Jean Jeanson $50.00
Larry Stone $20.00
Go Christian!
Jordian Dillon $100.00
David Irvin $60.00
Donating to support Christian Lane in his effort to assist all who have mobility issues.
Laura Oganowski $25.00
Paul Ayoub $50.00
Get it done
Scott McDonald $15.00
Amber and Dave Rhoda $15.00
Frances Peyton $20.00
Go Christian go!
Jessica Johnson $25.00
Kevin McBreen $25.00
Christian, An honor to donate.
Claudia Sokolowski $100.00
Rachel Simeone $20.00
Michael Larson $50.00
Kyle Kraemer $20.00
Daniel Carter $15.00
Angie Gan $100.00
Marion Childress $25.00
Amber Rhoda $15.00
Heather Brockwell $75.00
Make the family proud Christian! Thanks for running in support of my almost husband! ~your favorite (almost) sister-in-law
Andree St Gemme $50.00

Raised £3,252.29 $4,260.50

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That's 13 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
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