Matthew’s London Marathon 2022

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Matt Baxter

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Matthew Baxter

Matthew's London Marathon 2022

Dear Friends and Family,

In 2022, I will be completing the London Marathon in honour of Walkabout Foundation! My goal is to fundraise £3,000 – the equivalent of 12 life-changing wheelchairs for people in need in the developing world.

I invite you to support me in reaching my target, and support Walkabout’s mission to change the world of mobility disabilities – one person, one wheelchair at a time.

Every pound donated will also be matched by Euromonitor!

Thanks so much for your support.

– Matt

Latest Donations

Euromonitor £1,655.00
David Kellitt £20.00
Will double if the next run is under 3:30, x10 under 3 haha! Good effort!
Emma Blaney £64.00
Getting you to the magic £1,500 .... which with Euromonitors match gets you to your £3,000 target for this amazing charity
Serena Dri £15.00
Neil Stephens £50.00
Fantastic effort Matt - well done.
Anne Nugent £100.00
Well done Matt, very impressive time as well.
Jurgita Biceika £10.00
Well done Matt!
Ken Gray £10.00
Julie Smith £10.00
Well done Matt! Love from Aunty Julie & Boys xx
Miguel Loureiro £20.00
Go and crush it Matt!
Tracy Hartland £30.00
To our favourite son in law Best of luck for Sunday Love Your favourite In laws x
Eileen Hartland £20.00
Good luck Matt!!! Eileen & Ray
Ashlea Baxter £50.00
Best of luck Matt. Very proud of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into training for this. Love always ❤️
Hussein Doughan £50.00
Good Luck Matt!
Jeremie Tensokolo £10.00
Chris McNiff £20.00
Great cause - good luck mate!
James Bates £50.00
Go for it Matt - great cause!
Samual Rye £10.00
Rosie Pearson £20.00
Good luck Bro!! Go smash it! Billy & Rosie Xx
Amir Ali £10.00
Good luck dude, you will smash it
Zak Leonard-Flegg £10.00
Best of luck, Matt! I will be running with you (from Lisbon)!
Janaki Padmanabhan £15.00
Good Luck Matt, You are very brave to run a Marathon. Great cause too. Hope the running goes as planned and you hit you PB. Cheers, Janaki
Hazel Kirkland £20.00
Well done Matt 👏🏻👏🏻
Anonymous £100.00
Good luck Matt! From Grace, Ruby, and Tom
David Baxter £50.00
All the best, going to smash it !
Anonymous £20.00
A.Katie Clark £40.00
Joe Grimmer £5.00
Good luck Matt!
Danni Ma £5.00
Anonymous £15.00
Anonymous £15.00
Richard Bilcliffe £5.00
Harry Miller £5.00
Harpreet Kalsi £10.00
Emma Blaney £50.00
An amazing cause - good luck Matt
Artjoms Ozerskis £5.00
Diego Rodriguez £5.00
Andrew Cunha £15.00
Anonymous £10.00
Elena Fuertes £10.00
Elena Fuertes £5.00
Nina Tiquet £8.00
Anonymous £10.00
Nick Day £10.00
Emilie Hood £5.00
Frida Polyak £2.00
Accshana Ragulan £5.00
Viktor Valchev £2.00
Denis Afonin £5.00
Lucas Pinto £2.00
Alan Rownan £5.00
Fiona Smithyes £5.00
Susanne Goller £10.00
Good on you Matt! That is a lot of grit, particularly in the hot weather, to keep training.
Alexandra Rice £5.00
Young Park £5.00
Andrew Cunha £10.00
Anonymous £5.00
Fflur Roberts £5.00
Ruth Hunt £30.00
Well done Matt xx
Jonathan Hatt £30.00
Good luck mate. The amount of running you've been doing you'll be fine.
Joe Johnston £50.00
I expect the M bot across the line! Good luck mate.
Jack Blackstone £10.00
You got this mate, good luck!
Jack Haffenden £10.00
Good luck fella
Shirley Baxter £100.00
Well done Matt - a really worthwhile cause!
Anonymous £50.00
Michael Eghan £10.00
Best of luck Matt, fantastic cause and I’m sure you’ll smash it. Good luck pal, Mike
Tom Exon £10.00
Good luck Matt!
Anonymous £20.00
Best Wishes Matt, Grandpa
Matt Baxter £107.00
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Raised £3,175.00 $4,159.25

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