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Christmas 2018: Walkabout & Chamos Charity 4 Children in Venezuela

This Christmas, help us send our first ever container of paediatric wheelchairs to Venezuela. In a country where the IMF expects inflation to reach 1,000,000% and massive food and medical shortages have brought almost 90% of the population into living below the poverty line, children with disabilities are the most vulnerable and under-served. For this very special initiative we have partnered up with Chamos, a London based charity, who over the last 10 years has focused on improving the lives of thousands of children in Venezuela.

Latest Donations

Jose Linares £100.00
Silvia Bruttini £500.00
Christina Weyl $50.00
This is amazing, Carolina! Congrats on another worthy endeavor.
Anonymous £3,044.89
Patricia Oteyza £30.00
Adriana & Gustavo Gabaldon $500.00
Great cause for a country that needs so much. Muchísima suerte!
Clara Martínez Thedy £500.00
Adriana Gabaldon £250.00
Anonymous $250.00
Lashyn Uralbayeva $30.00
Anonymous $250.00
Adriana Romero $20.00
Dinorah Alcock $100.00
Corina Ulivi $50.00
Eugenia Villanueva $100.00
Isabella Gabaldon £250.00
Andres Azpurua $100.00
Erika Mendoza $25.00
Mariana Gallegos $25.00
Ariadna Navarro $100.00
Alejandra Coll £150.00
Amazing effort to help the children in Venezuela! Thank you!!!
Cristina Peña de Mendoza $250.00
Lulu Dillon £50.00
Nicolien Muntendam £250.00
Mariana Siblesz de Alvarez $250.00
Amazing campaign! So many children will benefit from this wonderful initiative.

Raised £6,727.94 $8,813.61

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