David’s London Marathon 2024!

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David Griffiths

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David Griffiths

David's London Marathon 2024!

Dear friends & family,

I love the London Marathon so I was really happy to be offered a place by Walkabout Foundation and set myself the challenge of raising £3,000 to support their global wheelchair projects. It’s a great charity and £3,000 is the equivalent of 12 wheelchairs that will help change the lives of people with mobility disabilities in the developing world.

It’s also being held on my birthday so an amazing way to celebrate reaching my half century!
Thanks everyone for your support, every donation counts & it’s really appreciated.

Latest Donations

David Griffiths £140.00
Many thanks to everyone who donated, there's a few anonymous ones on here as well so I can't thank you in person but I'm very grateful. It was a brilliant day & I'm sure Walkabout will make great use of all the money raised! Dave
David Griffiths £100.00
Another kind donation received, thank you!
David Griffiths £10.00
Received from Lin & Mick, thank you!
David Griffiths £10.00
Received from Pam, thank you!
Joy Moore £40.00
Well done, David! We're so proud of you. God bless you, Aunty Margaret & Joy xxx
Brian Griffiths £100.00
Claire Parker £50.00
David Griffiths £100.00
Another couple of donations to add, thank you!
Averil Thomas £100.00
Super proud well done. Happy 50th Birthday. Xx Averil Darren & co
Anonymous £349.00
AWESOME. Well done, you did it. 👏👏👏👏👏
Stuart Bachelor £15.00
L Smith £20.00
Good luck Dave . Race across the world next.
Ben Redding £5.00
Good luck Dave. Incredible achievement and hopefully a win for Villa later on too! 😁💜🩵💜🩵
M Parrott £20.00
Happy Birthday David Enjoy being 50 Congratulations on taking part in this event. Lots of love from Marie, Steve & Samuel 🦜x 🦜x 🦜x
Anonymous £5.00
50 Today 🎁
Anonymous £5.00
Happy Birthday 🎈
Anonymous £5.00
Anonymous £5.00
Enjoy 👏
Anonymous £5.00
26.2 miles 🏃
Anonymous £5.00
You’ve got this 👍🏻
Anonymous £5.00
Anonymous £5.00
Anonymous £5.00
Well done 😘
Anonymous £5.00
🇬🇧x 50 x 👑 x🎈50 👏 x 50 x 🤗 x
David Grifiths £211.00
Another couple of generous donations received. Thanks very much!
Roy and Carol Barton £10.00
Richard Wheildon £50.00
Amazing achievement, keep on going!
Brian Griffiths £10.00
Adrian Chiles £20.00
Run Trigs! Enjoy and wishing you a very happy birthday. Love Em, Ade and Lola xxx
Michelle Lloyd £50.00
Good luck Boff! 🍀 You've got this 🏃‍♂️
Tristan Barton £120.00
Happy birthday - Run well!
David Griffiths £500.00
Amazed to receive this today. Thank you so so much!!
Kelly Thompson £65.00
Good Luck Dave, from MTV Accounts Dept
Steven Hunt £250.00
Good luck Dave and a worthy cause... Best wishes Steve H
Carole Bent £100.00
🎈Well done Dave. How awesome are you taking part in this fantastic fundraiser on your special birthday. Have fun. 🥳 x x x
Alan Botherway £20.00
Alex Hillman £15.00
Best of luck Dave
David Griffiths £100.00
Decent training day today so putting a bit more in myself
Emma Lloyd £50.00
Go on the Boff! Such an amazing thing to do to help others. Well done!
Anonymous £20.00
donated by a friend A wonderful way to celebrate your 50th Birthday..
Anonymous £200.00
Anonymous £100.00

Raised £3,000.00 $3,930.00

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That's 12 life-changing wheelchair(s)!