Luke’s London Marathon 2024!

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Luke's London Marathon 2024!

Dear Friends and Family,

I consider myself so fortunate to be able to take part in the London Marathon!  As a way to give thanks, I am running on behalf of those that don’t have the same opportunity that I have. We oftentimes take our ability to walk, run, to move freely, for granted.  Walkabout’s mission really spoke to me because of the quest to provide life changing equipment to those in need in the developing world and beyond.  Please join me in supporting this amazing organization and their mission to change lives around the world.

We are officially about a month and half away from race day!  So far, training is going great, and I’m really thinking I can hit my PR and the lofty goal I have set for myself.  In addition to my race time goal, I am confident we can meet or exceed the fundraising goal I have set! Please consider donating to my campaign and to Walkabout if you have the chance. Walkabout is doing some amazing things for those with mobility disabilities in developing countries!  Feel free to reach out to me or check them out, if you have any questions!

Thank you all!


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