Diederick’s Paris Marathon 2021!

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Diederick Ter Kulve

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Diederick ter Kulve

Diederick's Paris Marathon 2021!

Dear friends and family,

In October 2021, I will be completing the Paris Marathon in honour of Walkabout Foundation! My goal is to fundraise £500 – the equivalent of 2 life-changing wheelchairs for people in need in the developing world. I invite you to support me in reaching my target, and support Walkabout’s mission to change the world of mobility disabilities – one person, one wheelchair at a time. Thank you!

Latest Donations

Joost Siderius $20.00
Maartje Wicherink £20.00
Succes Died!!!
Bas Savalle £20.00
Succes Died!!
Jan Siderius £50.00
Roel Schrauwen £27.27
Karel Dhoore $10.00
Niels Robbertsen £10.00
Willemijn Valk £25.00
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Peter & Dorothee Ter Kulve £250.00
Succes Died!
Anonymous £100.00
Flo Siderius £75.00
Anonymous £20.00

Raised £620.17 $812.42

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