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Yana Rydnik

Yana's 2021 Royal Parks Half Marathon!

Dear friends and family,

In 2021, I will be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in honour of Walkabout Foundation to help bring mobility to people in need in the developing world.

I invite you to support me in reaching my goal, and support Walkabout’s mission to provide dignity, freedom and independence to people with mobility disabilities around the world!

100% of every donation will go towards providing someone in need with a life-changing wheelchair. Let’s change lives together!

Latest Donations

Rowan Binns £20.00
Stan Smith £15.00
Congratulations Yana - great cause and efforts!
Dean Ward £10.00
Amazing stuff! Well done!!
Nicole Sandhu-Hicks £10.00
Well done Yana x
Pav mahal £25.00
Congratulations Yana! Great cause!!
Alex O'Donoghue £20.00
Well done Yana!
Francisco Almeida £20.00
Misha Grinberg £5.00
Rent for October
Pau Martinez Prat £25.00
Wishing you the best on this fundraise, happy to contribute to this great cause
Matt Smith £50.00
Chris Welch £15.00
Carhen Chacon £25.00
Toni Garcia £25.00
Kirill K £10.00
Alex Keegan £10.00
Madhuri Dutta £25.00
It’s a great cause. Good luck !
Anonymous £5.00
Good luck and well done Yana for your hard work,
Pascal Fortin £20.00
thierry florit £5.00
Anonymous £25.00
Angus Dick £50.00
Juan Gonzalez £25.00
Your foundation is inspiring! Keep working on this. And thanks to Yana for inviting us in her cause -now ours
Andrew Reid £100.00
Yana - life is challenging with a disability in the West. How much harder it is in Sudan. what a great cause!
Anonymous £10.00
A worthy cause, well done Yana.
Anonymous £10.00

Raised £560.00 $733.60

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That's 2 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
Campaign has ended
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