Yana Rydnik

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Yana Rydnik

Diego, Lucas, Matias and Will's Kilimanjaro Challenge!

Latest Donations

Hudson's Bay Company $10,000.00
Christopher Moore $200.00
Laura Lewis Shelburne $1,000.00
Congratulations on reaching the summit and on such a successful campaign for Walkabout! We were very inspired by your challenge while climbing Kilimanjaro with you! Best of luck in your next adventure on behalf of such a great cause. Laura and Kevin
JEAN TODT $300.00
Congratulations and encouragement Bravo ! Jean Todt
Rosangela Papadopoulo $1,000.00
Robert Mancini $7,500.00
Congratulations to Diego and Matias for not only conquering Kilimanjaro but also for making the challenging trek in the name of the Walkabout Foundation! I am very proud of what you’ve accomplished but more importantly for your tireless dedication to this wonderful cause.
Christopher Crampton $1,000.00
Eduardo Llolly Selman $200.00
Christina Harvey $450.00
Matias Reynal $50.00
Robert Koshar $50.00
Serafina Hager $100.00
I support the Walkabout Foundation mission
Mark Wetzel $100.00
Congrats to Lucas and the team on the climb and your support for this worthy cause!
Maria Del Pilar Marti $100.00
Anonymous £2.00
Roy Halvorsen $25.00
Keith Sproule on behalf of Geoffrey Kent and Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy Sproule $1,000.00
This donation is at the request of Mr. Geoffrey Kent from Abercrombie & Kent
Benjamin Reynal £250.00
Anonymous £250.00
Hamed Khodabakhsh $500.00
Congratulations and well done!
Leighton Van Ness $100.00
Anonymous £25.00
Amy Bronstien $25.00

Raised £58,201.27 $76,243.67

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