Izzy Cumming-Bruce

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Izzy Cumming-Bruce

Izzy and Lizzy's 2018 Royal Parks Half Marathon

We’d be so grateful for any donations! Every £250 is a wheelchair for someone who can’t afford one- please help us raise money for as many as possible!!

Latest Donations

Marigold Freeland £50.00
Well done!! So amazing xxxxx
Francesca Palmano £20.00
Well done Izzy, great effort for an even better cause.
Isabel Falkenberg £50.00
Kiki Gill £20.00
Adriana Ciravegna £15.00
Congrats Izdog!!!
Eleanor Fellowes £25.00
Good luck!
Sophie Barling £25.00
Best of luck Lizzy and Izzy!
Lettice Summerscale £25.00
Anthony Tysome £20.00
You got this! Best of luck, fantastic cause
Clare Acker £100.00
What an amazing pair! Good luck - You'l have fun. XXX mum
Carmen Gonzalez £40.00
Izzi well done!!!
Kellie Maher £30.00
Julian Gaisford-St Lawrence £100.00
Good luck girls Love Uncle Julian xxx
Ann Osborne £100.00
Good luck Izzy and Lizzy xxxx
Henny Broderick £20.00
Holly Dedman £85.00
Jemma Henry £25.00
Well done guys! Xx
Victoria Gainza del Puerto £40.00
Well done both of you, what a fantastic cause.
Sophie Cooley £10.00
Anonymous £100.00
Rose Vandeleur £30.00
Well done Iz, you legend!. Pose & Orme xox
Edwina CLARKE £100.00
Linda Garbarino £50.00
Michael Cumming-Bruce £150.00
Huge good luck!
Saphora Smith £50.00
Piers Cavendish £25.00
Finn Crellin £15.92
The best head of fundraising I know. Best of luck xxx
Ed Harvey £20.00
Best of luck!!! Xxx
Charlotte Le Flufy £20.00
Wooooooo!!!! Enjoy the run 🙂
Alex Hely-Hutchinson £20.00
Go Izzy you total hero!! xo
Oliver Cassels £20.00
Good luck, Izzy!!
Alice Wiltshire £10.00
Go smash it, Izzy!!! 👊
Louisa Dillon £50.00
Yana Rydnik £20.00
Run, Izzy and Lizzy, run!💪🏻
Antonia Cumming-Bruce £100.00
Run like the wind! So well done for doing this! Hope to be there to see you both.
Edward Cumming-Bruce £100.00
Emma Matthews £20.00
Good luck! Xxx
Peter Sullivan £50.00
Because Izzy was very generous to me when I did a sponsored thing a while back !.... And also because I know from what Izzy has said that it's an awesome charity which changes hundreds of lives for the better. I would trust any charity which Izzy is a part of, and I'm proud to be able to make a small difference to a great cause.
Camilla Fitzgerald £25.00
Best of lucks to you both!!! xxx
Merren Anderson-Wallace $25.00
Best of luck m8! Hope u smash it xoxo
Laura Hicken £20.00
Good luck girls!
Tamsin Ashworth £20.00
Emma Darlington £20.00
Good Luck darling girl I know you can do it x x
Caitriona Gallagher £20.00
Pia Gay £50.00
Enjoy it!! Well done. Ma and Pa Gay.
Heather Gay £60.00
Best of luck guys! love Tom and Heather x
Louis Belcourt £20.00
Good luck Lizzy (Izzy)... x
Jennie Oglesby £10.00
Bill Acker £100.00
Let's see them finish!

Raised £2,115.00 $2,770.66

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That's 8 life-changing wheelchair(s)!