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Support Our Emergency Container for Ukraine

In February 2022, Vladimir Putin launched a military invasion of Ukraine. A devastating humanitarian crisis, fuelled by years of political instability, continues to unfold in the country.

There are 2.7 million people with disabilities currently residing in Ukraine. These 2.7 million individuals form part of the most vulnerable and marginalised. They don’t have the necessary support, resources, or care to help them escape the conflict, let alone recover from their injuries. Meanwhile, women and girls with disabilities face an even higher risk of gender-based violence and their lives are in constant danger.

Last month, we promised you we would find a way to help. And we’ve done just that! After many calls, emails, and countless conversations with experts in the field, we have identified how to help. Together with our long-standing partner, Momentum 4 Humanity, we will send a container of wheelchairs to a distribution centre in Lviv and distribute them to those most in need.

As we continue to #Pray4Ukraine, we ask for your support in providing these wheelchairs to those who have lost everything and need to flee the country. One wheelchair costs us £250, including the order, shipping and distribution. Please, help us help Ukraine today and donate to our emergency container. Click the donate button to help us change 100 lives in Ukraine. 

Latest Donations

Marina P Nakano $300.00
Go Walkabout team!
Marina Nakano £750.00
On behalf of my daughter Helena for getting a first acting job!
Dina Chartouni $1,000.00
The Walkabout Foundation continues to change lives for so many in need! Bravo!
Leslie Baraf $300.00
Anonymous £5,000.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous £100.00
Alfonso Fernandez $500.00
Andres Bobadilla Bermudez £100.00
I applaud the initiative! Donating on behalf of Luis!
Michael Hines $50.00
Anonymous £20.00
Anonymous $10.00
Oliver Schmid £100.00
Anonymous £9.00
Anonymous $10.00
Yan Rydnik £10.00
Anonymous £25.00
Anonymous £30.00
Zaid Haroon £50.00
They been doing amazing job since ages and was personally involved with their wheelchair distribution process in Pakistan.
Clara Martínez Thedy $600.00
I am also for Ukrania
Thomas Gilbert £10.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous £5.00
Thank you
Madeleine Lumley £2.00
Anonymous £100.00
Well done!! Thank you for them

Raised £8,540.01 $11,187.41

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That's 34 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
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