Matteo’s Donation Page

A Zeina Advani Campaign, in support of
Zeina Advani

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Zeina Advani

Matteo's Donation Page

Please join us in welcoming the arrival of baby Matteo!

Your presence would be the best gift we could ask for on this joyous day. However, should you also wish to make a monetary contribution to a worthy cause in Matteo’s honour, please click the button ‘donate’ on this page today!


Latest Donations

Zeina Advani $150.00
Hayat Barakat $100.00
Janet and Jackie Jowdy $100.00
Lisa Antous $25.00
Najlah and Raymond Antous $25.00
Group Donation $4,490.00

Raised £3,732.82 $4,890.00

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That's 15 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
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