Impact Overland

A Kirk Williams Campaign, in support of
Kirk Williams

Kirk is a C6 quadriplegic traveling around South America in a custom made campervan to help provide mobility by campaigning for the Walkabout Foundation

Kirk Williams

Impact Overland

Impact Overland was founded by Kirk Williams, a C6 quadriplegic adventure photographer who loves to travel. Kirk broke his neck in 2009 mountain biking but has refused to sit still.

After realizing the freedom he could achieve through overlanding in a camper van, Kirk conjured the idea to drive from Santiago, Chile to Patagonia before working his way back north to Colombia. He will be taking photos and writing all along the way @Impact.Overland or Kirk will be driving his van while his brother rides a motorcycle.

Kirk has realized how fortunate he is to live in a country where this sort of opportunity is possible (even with a disability) and therefore wanted to make a positive impact and give back to people throughout his journey by partnering with the Walkabout Foundation.

The fundraising goal of $25,000 would be enough to send a container full of wheelchairs to somewhere of Kirk’s choosing in South America and make a significant difference in many people’s lives.

Latest Donations

Julie Williams $100.00
To bring some joy into the world for others.
Daryl Keighley $10.00
Kendra Fay $100.00
Donna Leith $100.00
In honor of Kirk Williams
Joan Swanson $1,000.00
Carey Hoover $100.00
In recognition of Kirk’s selfless dedication to bringing mobility to those affected with spinal cord injuries
Traver Boehm $300.00
My brother Stefanos Sifandos came and spoke at our men's group. When I offered to pay him he told me to donate it and Kirk popped right into my mind!
Anonymous $300.00
Thomas Mumey $100.00
Anonymous $20.00
Mark Patel $50.00
Dione Wagner £10.00
Azure O’Neil $30.00
Ray Williams $900.00
In honor of Kirk. Kirk’s disability supersized his already remarkable talents. He will continue to bring ‘good’ into the world with his genuinely contagious energy and positive personality. ROLL ON Kirk!!
Lindsay Driscoll $300.00
Judy Layne $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
Kirk’s mom is one of the most amazing and inspirational I know through her heart for education and therapy dog work. It awes me at all that her son is just as incredible and changing the world in all that he does.
Joanie Cramer $50.00
Ellen Papoulakos $100.00
Kirk is an inspiration. I have known him and his family since he was a kid.
Shirley Sherrod $100.00
You have turned adversity into a successful adventurous life.
Trish Cuenin $100.00
Debbie Trainer $300.00
You are an inspiration!
Sam Scribner $30.00
Anonymous $20.00
Everyone should have access to mobility and go on adventures, whether that’s around their home, their town, their country, or the world.
Sarah Ingraham $100.00
Stuart and Carey Hoover $50.00
john sheflin $300.00
This is a great cause, you are doing great work and your are an inspiration Kirk. Keep it up bro. I'm honored to help support your efforts
antje steinmuller $50.00
Beatrice Gilham $50.00
Hope to spread the word about this very worthy cause you are so dedicated to Kirk. Keep goin forward- Much good luck to you! 😎
Kimberly Leonard $20.00
Alan Ford $55.00
L Noue $20.00
Jennifer Mefford $300.00
Your story inspires me. I've enjoyed following your travels around South America.
Clara Martinez Thedy £300.00
Well done Kirk!!
Komal Sinha $25.00
Leland Gilmore $1,500.00
Kirk, you are a driving force of courage and perseverance. Keep up all the amazing work. Rubber side down!
Susan Taylor $300.00
I read about your amazing journey in the NYTimes. This is such a worthwhile cause since having access to a wheelchair is life-changing. Thank you for all you do.
Mallory Sutherland $300.00
Kirk - you my friend are simply amazing! Love your passion and determination! Oh and of course all your bad ass adventures! Keep on keeping on!
Pauline Martin £25.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Eléonore Lette Farre £100.00
Thank you for doing this. Love walkabout!
Katie MacDougall $20.00
Carla Carpenter $100.00
“ Wanderer, there is no path; the path is made by walking [going!] “ —Antonio Machado Bravo!
Mike Napolitano $50.00
You guys rock! Thanks for living fully each day
Michael Reiter $100.00
Hey Kirk, It’s Joe’s little brother, just found you in the New York Times tonight! Keep up the good work. Much love, Mike and Laura
Priya Konings $250.00
JOANNE wakim $300.00
I read an article about Kirk Williams in the NYT. Thank you for your great work helping those who are differently abled.
Sienna Martin $200.00
Proud of all the good you’re creating for this world:)
Daniel Kahn $300.00
Read about Kirk and your Foundation in NYT. Both inspiring stories, so I wanted to help. Good luck with your work.
Jihyun Kang $200.00
Debbie Prout $100.00
Happy to help support a wonderful cause!!
Susan Strempack $100.00
You are amazing and inspirational and we’re happy to be able to support this important cause
Jane Warren $100.00
I want to support wheelchairs to South America
Kurt Rodegast $100.00
William Fitzhugh $300.00
Friend of Kirk Williams and I believe in his mission!
Tom McKinnon $250.00
Drone on!
Carrie Leonard $100.00
Emily Gorrell $50.00
Jennifee Morris $100.00
We are so proud of you Kirk!
Dory Adams $300.00
In memory of Rob DeBlois.
Denise Corey $100.00
alessandra bochicchio $58.00
Ann Fries $300.00
I’m donating as a salute to Kirk Williams !
Grace Cuenin $100.00
Jessica Friesen $50.00
Jessica Buckley $25.00
Lismark Foundation $300.00
Peter Caraviello $100.00
Love ya, Kirk
Cherine Helmy £100.00
Anonymous $100.00
John & Beth Sayre-Scibona $300.00
Keep on keeping on!
Kelsey Kagan $100.00
Kirk, you’re amazing. I’m inspired by you every day.
Max Gutierrez $20.00
I live a comfortable life and want to help those in need because I can.
Anonymous $100.00
Megan Bouton $25.00
Chloe Greene £5.00
Joseph Reiter $150.00
Chip Thomas $100.00
Been following Kirk and Clay on their travels and want to support their mission
Sarah Bohn $50.00
Kirk your dedication and passion to help this community and be a role model for those who think they “can’t” is inspiring!!
Anonymous $1,000.00
Anonymous £50.00
Sherry Minkowski $20.00
I’m awestruck by your spirit of adventure and commitment to helping others with mobility challenges. You also traveled to one of my favorite places on the planet, Chile. I’ve loved following your adventures and will continue to do so, and support your mission.
Holly Priestley $50.00
Marcia Moore $50.00
I hope you make it back soon. What a great cause!
Robert Carson $100.00
Anetta Klemens klencner $250.00
Follow your dreams And fight with obstacles ! We do not know our destiny but when we face one we need a courage to get through.
Sherry Schreiner $50.00
I work with Colorado Discover Ability in WEstern Colorado, which exists to provide recreational opportunities for people with disabilities. I love that your goal is to provide basic mobility to those who wouldn't have that opportunity.
Stuart and Carey Hoover $100.00
We are thinking about you and your awesome journey and support this foundation's good work.
David Bressler $15.00
Eric Hoover $250.00
Looks like you and Clay are having having an incredible journey. You’re an inspiration to everyone, everywhere Kirk.
Catherine Martin £50.00
Really inspired by Kirk and his journey and what a great cause.
Aubrey Stucker $20.00
I can’t give much, but I hope this little bit will help someone in need. Kirk is an awesome human and I’m happy to support!
Kari Mikkelson $100.00
Supporting Kirk Williams goal of bringing the gift of mobility to others.
Lorraine Boyle $50.00
I’m in support of anything Aluminess does! Accessibility for all!
Ryan Throop $50.00
Diane Hoskins $1,000.00
I am one of the owners of Aluminess Products. We are so inspired by Kirk and his brother as they travel the world...we are honored to participate in his efforts to bring mobility to all parts of the world!
Juliann Tallino $20.00
Love following your posts! Great photos! (@humphreywhaleofavan)
Melanie Perl $50.00
Caitlin Dean $100.00
Kiki Swanson $25.00
You are so inspiring Kirk! Love you so much!
Freek van der Ploeg $20.00
Janis and Alan Rosenberg $100.00
Totally believe in what you’re doing, Kirk! Happy to do our part.
Barbara Caplan $50.00
Great journey, great program. Loving the photos and blog, thank you Kirk!
Kinley McCracken $75.00
Anonymous $100.00
You are so inspiring! My B-I-L was paralyzed in a car accident in his early 20’s. He was a US history and French teacher at a small private school just outside of NYC, our hometown, at the time. He almost didn’t make it but he is strong-willed. Once he recovered and finished PT, he joined a wheelchair basketball team, drove his own car, taught school everyday, and is the best uncle to my 4 girls! He married later in life, a beautiful and kind woman and her pre-teen son. Phil stepped in as the most wonderful, dedicated father figure! Never a complaint, never a boundary he won’t cross, always smiling! He’s now in his early 60’s and still teaching at the same school he got his first job after the accident! Your story is just as amazing!
Adam Townsend $25.00
Jacqueline French $25.00
Deborah Trainer $250.00
Glad you made this opportunity known!! This is a joint donation with husband Tim Hagemann, too.
Julie Williams $200.00
In Honor of my amazing sons, Clayton and Kirk Williams - aka -Impact Overland
John & Deborah Dart $100.00

Raised £17,107.94 $22,411.40

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