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Kim & Jan Petzel

Kim & Jan's Desert Adventure

So.  If you have seen us during the past 6-12 months then you know (and we promise to shut up about it SOON(ish) so you can soon(ish) stop avoiding us…)

We’re doing Marathon des Sables. 250km over 7 days across the Saharan Desert – that translates to 6 marathons plus 10km …since they give us one rest day in between they require us to do 80+km on one day. We’re going to be tired. And very very hot. Bothered…?? We’ll get back to you on that one…

We leave on 5 April. AAAAAARGH! Here’s what you can do to help us (if you believe we can still be helped):

  1. We have set up a blog that we will aim to keep updated. There will be patchy reception and we can only send one email per day. If you want to know (more or less live) how we are here’s the link: 
  2. We can RECEIVE as many encouragement emails as you can write. So please please please write to us. To encourage us (or remind us we are mad). Put Wednesday 10 April in your calendar now – that is the 80+km day. How to do it: go to and then to ‘Ecrire aux Concurrents’ (Write to Competitors) and we are Jan Petzel (race number 550) and Kim Petzel (race number 551), part of UK contingent. This service is available from 9-14 April – please please, whenever you are particularly enjoying some wonderful comfortable aspect of your holiday, share it and gloat.
  3. If communication ain’t your thing [but curiosity is…] you can still track us – once again, hop on and find #550 and #551. The link will go live on 7 April.
  4. Lastly, giving back.  You’ll be surprised to know we ain’t doing this for the tan…. We have wonderfully functioning bodies and legs we can rely on – there are many who aren’t so lucky.  Some by birth, some by tragic accident.  Life without the use of one’s legs presents challenges and frustrations none of us would even dare to imagine. Through Ella’s school we have come across a wonderful charity – the Walkabout Foundation – that offers funding for spinal cord injury research as well as providing purpose built (and easy to maintain bearing in mind terrain and facilities) wheelchairs.  Our fundraising page is here and if you do have a little bit of time, spend it on the website – it is not time wasted!

Right, on that note…gotta run!! 🙂




THANK YOU FOR HEARING US OUT OVER THE LAST 6 MONTHS (and keep fingers and toes crossed we finish it this time otherwise you get to have another year of this chat from us!)


Jan & Kim

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Victoria Bedford £100.00
You guys are beyond belief amazing - WOW!!!! An extraordinary achievement - well done!!
Angela Yotov £50.00
Well done Kim and Jan - what an achievement and what a great cause! X
Donna Mathews £25.00
In awe of both the runners and this organisation! May God bless you to continue to provide for this community and beyond.
Sylvia Rudert £155.00
You reached your goal - and changed peoples lives forever!! I think that truly deserves to be honoured. Ihr seid fantastisch! 🙂
Jemma Phillimore £100.00
Wow guys this is seriously impressive!!
Jo Garrett $50.00
You guys are amazing!
Matthias Hieber £300.00
Great initiative! hope it went well!
RIna Ehmer £150.00
Better late than never...…...xox the Ehmer Clan!
Jenni Glover £100.00
Congratulations. You guys are incredible. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Jenni & Littleton x
Nicholas Law £100.00
Congratulations! Amazing achievement!
Heike Schuerings-Bauschke £100.00
Adam Amos £250.00
A wonderful thing you are both doing! and what an adventure! All the Best, Adam, Filippo and the Primo team
Emma Hepworth £50.00
INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! xxx
Nadine Fronek £50.00
Great achievement for a great cause! Nadine & Peter xxx
Catherine Baulamon £50.00
Well done Kim & Jan! Truly inspirational run!!
Tina-Maria Weichert £50.00
Für unsere Superstars 👍
JANE GRAY £100.00
Well done Kim and Jan !!!!!!
Suzy Magni $50.00
You are Superstars! Hope the race goes well and wishing you lots of luck! The Magni Family
Gudrun Luebbe £50.00
Jessica Strausbaugh $100.00
Sean Burnard £50.00
What a challenge - hats of to both of you.
Henry Obi £50.00
Well done to both of you. A truly amazing feat!!
Tina Rauh £20.00
Emily Bowring £15.00
Good luck for the rest of the race! What an amazing charity to be supporting. From Emily (St. Mary's Human performance lab)
Lauren Rhodes £15.00
Hey guys, Pleasure to help towards your preparation for this challenge! I have been keeping track of your progress and you are both doing amazingly well so far! Keep it up! Lauren (from St Mary's Human Performance Clinic)
Jana Hecker £200.00
Brad Werner £50.00
You're both crazy! (But in the best possible way). Good luck!
Tibor Wagner £100.00
Volklinde Petzel £100.00
Compassion for those who don‘ t have healthy legs to run
Yasmine Bassili £100.00
I can't believe you are doing this! So impressive. Best of luck!
Gordon Singer £500.00
Sharon Maes £50.00
It’s a fine line between brave and mad. Bon courage!!
Magda Haslinger £50.00
Nicolas Nath £50.00
Dear both! first of all, I miss you ! Secondly, wow, super impressed, the two of you are super humans! best of luck, will be sending power thoughts from the north side of the wall!
Emilie Railhac £100.00
Very brave and impressive!! What a challenge Giving you all my support and encouragement! Emilie
Stefanie Chua £50.00
All the best! Stay hydrated! We look forward to following your adventure! Love, Stefanie, Ryan, Reia & Reid
Dominic Rossi £200.00
Good luck Jan and Kim
Anonymous £50.00
Lucy Elwes £100.00
Good luck and don't forget the blister plasters...
Leora Haga £50.00
Good luck!!!!!
Aude Thibaut £100.00
Go Kim & Jan! With all our support and positive vibes, Aude & Spyros
Morgan McKenney $275.00
Best of luck Jan and Kim - have a blast and know you guys will do great!! 💪
Sliide Bois £100.00
Best wishes we'll be hoping you both return safely - we have unfinished business!
Jenny Singer £500.00
Good luck Kim and Jan! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!
Lia Larson £150.00
Well done guys! You are one impressive duo! Look forward to celebrating with you post race! - Lia & Ed
Neda Ziadeh £100.00
I think you’re both mad.. and very very brave ! Will be rooting you on from this end !! Love neda husam Zein anees and faris and cat
Pierre Lallia £100.00
Kim, Jan, how impressive! Good luck! Pierre
Ibrahima Soumano £100.00
Go go go Kim and Jan. You have our full support.
Anne Rabate £250.00
Very best of luck Kim and Ian! We will be thinking of you. Take care.
Andrea Autri £100.00
Mohamed Wann $500.00
Jan, Kim, wishing you all the best for this grueling challenge
Steffen Kastner £200.00
What a wonderful challenge and deserving cause! Good luck to both of you.
Chloe OSullivan $100.00
Kim and Jan, you guys are super amazing! Have fun!!!!! We’re cheering for you! Lot’s of love! Ashlyn and Chloe & Joseph
Thibault LAUNAY £100.00
Claudio Siniscalco £100.00
Caroline Haas £100.00
Wow! What an amazing joint challenge. We will definitely be cheering you on from a far.
Rebecca Reid £75.00
So very impressive you two! I know all of your hard training will pay off and you'll create memories to cherish. Thank you for fundraising for such a great cause. Much love, The Tubbs Family xxx
Alex K £500.00
Good luck to the Petzels ! Noor&Alexandre
Jan Petzel £500.00
Good luck to both of us we'll need it ...
Kim Petzel £500.00
Anonymous £100.00
Amazing! I wish you an awesome challenge!

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