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Lauren Hawkins

Lauren's Build a Wheelchair Page

Ok guys, this is what we’re doing instead of Secret Santa, instead of stockings, instead of Christmas cards and festive drinks this year. So for anyone who was in the least interested in giving me a present, please pay it forward to someone who needs it more.

It costs just £200 to fit someone in a developing country with a customized wheelchair so they don’t have to drag themselves along the ground to school or work, or live a life confined to their beds.

If each of you gives just £1, we will have enough to provide a wheelchair for one lucky person. If you all give what you can, who knows what we can achieve.

Help give someone their freedom and independence this Christmas.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

L xx

Raised £200.00 $262.00

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That's 1 life-changing wheelchair(s)!