Luna and Lupo’s sponsored walk for Walkabout!

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Luna and Lupo Clavel

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Luna and Lupo Clavel

Luna and Lupo's sponsored walk for Walkabout!

We will be walking the London Walkabout, a 5k family fun charity walk, to raise funds to donate wheelchairs and provide rehabilitation to people in need in the developing world! Please sponsor our walk… and why not come join us! Assemble your heroes and join us for a walk, roll, or stroll around the Serpentine followed by refreshments, live music, fun and games, entertainment, and more! Registration includes a superhero cape and goody bag for all heroes on the day! Event opens from 10am at the Hyde Park Band Stand on Saturday September 29. Walk starts at 11am.

Latest Donations

Andreas Isaksson £50.00
Bravissimi Carissimi
Celina St George £100.00
Well done guys and gals. Great cause! Xxx with love Dom, Celina, Assisi, Alessio and Santi
Yoon Lee £30.00
Good luck!
Sergio Mur $25.00
Good luck with the walk!
Georgina Clavel £20.00
Good luck Luna and Lupo love Olivia and Arabella 💕💕
Matteo C. £100.00
Go! Go! Go! Lupo... Love Matteo
Allegra & Romilly Hardy £40.00
Brilliant work Luna & Lupo, so proud of you both. Lots of love, Allegra & Romilly x
Daniele & Stefanie Di Paolo £50.00
Antonio Vecere £200.00
In bocca al lupo..
Silvia Giallonardo $50.00
Johannes Grefe £25.00
Great idea. Go for it!!!
Summit London EA's £20.00
Well done Luna and Lupo 🙂
Anonymous $20.00
In bocca al lupo, Luna and Lupo!
Jono Pagden £25.00
Good luck Luna and Lupo!
Will Sheldon £20.00
Well done Luna and Lupo!
Anonymous £10.00
We’ll done Lupo and Luna, have fun.
Petra Ecclestone £500.00
Talita Shaker £100.00
Carolina Bonfiglio £120.00
Luna and Lupo, you guys are the best! Thank you for walking for those who can’t! Love, Andrea and Delfina, Caro and Stefano
Jill Sikkens £50.00
What a great cause! Good luck & have fun x
Miriam Frowein £40.00
Good Luck!
Diomira E Roberta £50.00
Forzaaa principini!!
Manuela Morgano £50.00
Enrica & Andrea £50.00
Maria Luna and Lupo, you rock!! ❤️
Luigia Mangifesta £10.00
Lupo and Luna the best!! Good luck with the walk!
Andrea Mangifesta £10.00
Sabina E Patrich Ionita £20.00
Bravissimi Luna e Lupo!
Iurilli Giovina £40.00
Zia Maria e zii a Gianna. Bravi per il vostro impegno
Anonymous £200.00
Aldo Baglivo £50.00
Un bacione a Lupo e Luna. Bravi!!!!
Paul Frank McCabe £100.00
Roberto Diano £50.00
Luna Marie Ciancio schleifer £45.00
Together for a better world.
Nicole Morgano £200.00
Anonymous £5.00
Help us
A B £50.00
Giovanna Lombardi £50.00
Felicia Lanci £20.00
Semplicemente fantastici ♥️
Petruta mariana Ionita £15.00
Enrico Vecere £500.00
Lupo e Luna. You are our heroes Nonno e nanna
Maria Vittoria Capua £200.00
Maria Elena Croci $50.00
Orgogliosa di voi ragazzi!
Irene Ferrante $50.00
Caroline St George £50.00
Well done Luna and Lupo- such a good cause - good luck with the walk. Xo
Pascaline Thompson £20.00
Luciana Rique £200.00
Anonymous £30.00
MariaTeresa Carbonelli D’Angelo £200.00
Geralyn Luengo £20.00
Roy & Barbara March £1,000.00
Daniela Frulio £150.00
Karolina Woolf £100.00
Well done Lupo and Luna, you are the superheros!
Leila St George £50.00
Well done Luna and Lupo!
Henrietta St. George £50.00
Well done Kuna and Lupo. Great cause. lol Granny Henxx
Larry Murphy $200.00
Giorgio Manenti £250.00
Clementine Slade £50.00
How wonderful you are doing this Lupo and Luna, have fun!
Alexandria Skouras $100.00
Luna and Lupo, so proud of you both! Thank you for caring and helping others in need.
Massimiliano Tafaro £100.00
Good luck on your race money and walk

Raised £6,139.20 $8,042.35

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