Nataliia’s Paris Marathon 2019

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Nataliia Vodolazkina

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Nataliia Vodolazkina

Nataliia's Paris Marathon 2019

For 2019, I have set myself the challenge of not only running the world famous Paris Marathon, but also fundraising £750 for Walkabout Foundation! £750 is the equivalent of 3 life-changing wheelchairs for people in desperate need in the developing world. Please help me in reaching my target, and help Walkabout Foundation in it’s mission to change the world of mobility disabilities, one person, one wheelchair at a time. Thank you for all of your support!

Latest Donations

Katya Lebedeva $20.00
Yana Rydnik £25.00
Run Natasha! Run!
Anonymous £15.00
Alexandr Lipin $10.00
Anonymous $5.00
Anonymous $5.00
Anonymous $2.00
Evgeniia Mlynchik $30.00
Viviana Zheleznova $30.00
kirill shishkov £100.00
Karina Akhmedova £15.00
Gloria Tafrishian $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Natalia Vysotskaya $50.00
Anna Ismagilova $20.00
Anonymous $35.00

Raised £427.52 $560.05

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£ 750.00
$ 982.50
That's 2 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
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