Team Boston

Hallo und willkommen to our fundraising page for the Berlin Marathon! We are a family running team from Boston, Massachusetts, USA! Berlin will be our 4th marathon together and our first outside of the US. We chose to run for Walkabout because we are incredibly inspired by the foundation’s mission. As athletes, we sometimes take our own mobility for granted; injuries are a sobering reminder of this. Each of us was blown away by the statistics of people in developing countries who don’t have access to wheelchairs when needed. We want to help bring awareness to this issue and tackle the problem by providing more wheelchairs. We believe everyone has the right to MOVE despite any barriers that life throws in our way! Please consider donating so you can help us change the lives of those who don't have access to wheelchairs by giving them the gift of mobility!

Team Boston

Team Walkabout Boston's Berlin Marathon 2019

For 2019, we have set ourselves the challenge of not only running the world famous Berlin Marathon, but also fundraising $5,200 for Walkabout Foundation! $5,200 is the equivalent of 12 life-changing wheelchairs for people in desperate need in the developing world. Please help us reach our target this year, and help Walkabout Foundation in it’s mission to change the world of mobility disabilities, one person, one wheelchair at a time. Thank you for all of your support!

Latest Donations

AnneMette Bontaites £50.00
Denise Bruno $50.00
So proud of Ann and team!
Salem Flatbread $334.00
Anonymous $100.00
Adam Wheeler £26.00
Go Bridget! Go team!
Laurie Casale $100.00
Good Luck Caroline!!! We love you! ❤️
Jennifer Zahornacky $50.00
Best of Luck Ann, we are all rooting for you.
George Iacono $50.00
Alana Stevens $40.00
Love you 💕
Nicole Lapidus $100.00
Way to go Marathon Woman! Hope you have a great run & a fab trip:)
Kara Tartufo $50.00
Daniel Freney £9.00
Daniel Freney $5.00
Mission accomplished!
Brandi Dion $75.00
Good luck ladies! Enjoy the trip and experience:)
Dawn Murano $25.00
Good luck and have fun!
Elizabeth Albrecht $50.00
Go Ann!!!
Traci Cappellini $50.00
Michelle Pierce $25.00
Have fun, everyone!
Shelby Doherty $25.00
You got this Suzanne- so excited for you!!!
Richard Massey $200.00
Best of luck girls!!!
Keri Mandell $10.00
Go Ann and team! ❤️
Ben Mervis $20.00
Go team!
Robert Masiello $25.00
Go Suz <3
Hilary Billings $100.00
Go Ann! We love you!
Heather Burke $100.00
I'll be cheering you girls on from afar!!!!
Anonymous $100.00
Hope you have a great run Ann!! thinking of you, Heidi
Tony V $150.00
Michael Massey $100.00
Donna Corneau $50.00
Amanda Heller $50.00
Kathleen Truscott $100.00
Good luck and enjoy Berlin!
Noreen OShea $100.00
Wishing you all a great experience and memories to take home ! Good Luck Girls! Noreen & Nancy
Elizabeth Winkler $100.00
Good luck Ann and team!!!
Anu Rastogi $50.00
Go team Boston !
jeffrey segal $50.00
Ann and team Have a great experience on your marathon!!!
Meredith Reichheld £50.00
Nick Lucchetti $50.00
Make it happen! Have a great run!
Wendy Webber £25.00
Go Bridget and team!
Dan King $100.00
Denise King $150.00
Go get them Bridget!!!
Jessica Martin $25.00
You are the reason..the encouragement faith and hope ❤
Colin Coleman $25.00
Katherine Foley $50.00
Paige Tollner $20.00
ONE DAY (hopefully soon) I can run along Suzanne Foley. Her dedication to running and marathon training is inspiring. As always been a short distance runner, one day Suzanne and I will hold hands skipping 20+ miles together. YAY SUZANNE AND TEAM WALKABOUT
Anne Trojanowski $20.00
Patty DeCotis $100.00
Want to help with providing someone I need with a wheelchair😀
Daniel Freney $25.00
Morea Kane $10.00
Go Suzanne!!!!! WOO!
Jordan Chaisson $20.00
Good luck!! Do it for a Hefeweizen and Pretzel on the other side! XO Jordan
Robert Burns $25.00
I wish I could give more but for now I want to dedicate this to my beautiful friend, Caroline Caliri. Her presence in my life has renewed me, refreshed me, and lifted me up with additional faith, hope, and love. She is one of the most remarkable women I know and I admire her immensely....for so many reasons, but her dedication to this cause inspires me. Love, Bobby
Matt Hart $40.00
Molly Curtis $50.00
Good luck, Team Boston!!!
Kay O'Dwyer $40.00
Stacey Lubets $50.00
Christina Wright $20.00
Anonymous $875.00
Flatbread Fundraiser Raffles.
Gail Owens $25.00
Go team BOSTON!
John ONeill £100.00
Daniel King $100.00
Priscilla Wright $50.00
Adel Erdaty $100.00
Pat Ayer $50.00
Karen Feeney $50.00
Good Luck Bridget!! May the wind be at your back! Have a great run ~ Karen
Ann Thibodeau $100.00
Bob Foley $100.00
Nikki Sabatino $50.00
Love to support such a wonderful of luck ladies!!
Sheryl White Vincent $45.00
Go get em Caroline! So proud of you.. and the entire team
Anonymous $350.00
Zumba cash donations...Bridget, dance your way across the finish!
Meghann Bruett $50.00
Good luck to all of you!! Such a wonderful cause❤️
Kraig Hill $75.00
Anonymous $100.00
Glad to support amazing people doing amazing things!
Joanne Supple £50.00
My husbands children and grandchildren are running. My great nephew as SMA and has been in a wheelchair 10 years🇧🇳🇺🇸
Alexander Cloonan $20.00
Peter Amato $100.00
Maureen Pienta $100.00
Good Luck Ladies!
Amy Powell £25.00
Ken Maas $50.00
Patty DeCotis £100.00
All the best to my family members Suzanne, Caroline, Betsy, and Annie as the run the Berlin Marathnon running for a great cause. Can’t wait to cheer you on❤️😀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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