Philippe Chryssicopoulos’s London Walkabout 2011

A Philippe Chryssicopoulos Campaign
Philippe Chryssicopoulos

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Philippe Chryssicopoulos

Philippe Chryssicopoulos's London Walkabout 2011

The cost of the Rough Rider wheelchair is $300 dollars (£200 pounds). My goal is to donate 15 chairs!

Please join us for the main event – a 15 kilometer walk on Saturday June 18th around Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James’s Park to find a cure for paralysis and buy wheelchairs for people with disabilities in need.

The walk is entirely free but donations are very welcomed!

Raised £3,870.23 $5,070.00

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£ 4,500.00
$ 5,895.00
That's 15 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
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