Thomas’s Kensington Fundraising for Walkabout!

A Walkabout Foundation Campaign, in support of
Walkabout Foundation

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Walkabout Foundation

Thomas's Kensington Fundraising for Walkabout!

Thomas’s Kensington are delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile cause this school year!

We have selected Walkabout Foundation as Charity of the Year and look forward to raising money to help them in their mission of changing the world of mobility disabilities, one person, one wheelchair at a time.

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Latest Donations

Alara Tohumcu £45.00
Gogoli Habbas £40.00
Emma Jackson £90.00
From 4KN at Thomas’ because our amazing class rep Kerry asked donations instead of a gift.
Grace Hakim £200.00
Alison Pagel £550.00
Birthday donations from Romina, Marina and Gabby!
Jane Ballantyne £120.00
Katya Speciale £650.00
Donation for Alex and Luca's 11th birthday.
Anonymous £100.00
Anonymous £1,140.00
Charity week
Konstantin von Unger £600.00
together with Julinka and Celeste
Hadi Nasser £100.00
On behalf of our sons Hamzah (3KE) and Taj
Kerry Fuller £30.00
Georges Assi £250.00
Alison Pagel £150.00
Dana Perkins £20.00
Owen Perkins wanted to donate some of his money he saved up from Christmas and his birthday.
Tristan Phillimore £100.00
Alex and Luca have collected for Walkabout in lieu of birthday presents.
hugo martin £100.00
Gwin Myerberg £250.00
Donating in honour of our sons, Thomas and Reed, who want to help others that aren’t able to walk, run and jump, like they are
Anonymous £100.00
Anonymous £1,000.00
Luigi de Simone Niquesa £150.00
vivere coraggiosamente
Mirabelle le Hodey £50.00
Donations for Paul, Max and Damian 9th Birthday !
Alison Pagel £50.00
Birthday donations from Milo, Sofia and William for Max, Paul & Damian's Birthday party!
Claire Wilson £350.00
Kindly raised by guests at Olivia B, Eleanor and Olivia W's birthday party - thank you!
Terri Duhon £500.00
Kerry Fuller £150.00
What a great charity!!! Happy to support it and glad it is Thomas's charity of the year!! Very best wishes, the Fuller Family
Leila Barkhordar £100.00
From Cyrus Mottahedan 4KN, donating from his savings of pocket and birthday money.
Arabella Dunn £30.00
Donating for Paul, Damian and Max’s Birthday party
Anonymous £250.00
this donation is in honour of max, paul and damian’s birthday party - year 4. how wonderful of you 3 to choose to donate rather than receive gifts!!
Anonymous £250.00
thank you for your wonderful and inspiring work. would you kindly make this donation in the name of miss masterson’s class, 4KE please?
Olga Bekker £250.00
From Sophie and Leon Bekker
Bravo !
Claire Ferrini £200.00
A wonderful charity and deserving of all our support. This donation is from Mia and Ella x
Anonymous £100.00
Aida Khan £250.00
Ziad Fayyaz 5KE
Anonymous £50.00
Anonymous £50.00
Stephanie Lanning £110.00
Donations from Robbie Milo Sofia William for Paul, Max and Damian 9th Birthday !
Madina Kaztayeva £258.00
Yasmin Aldiyar is donating some of her pocket money+ our family would like to buy one wheelchair for Walkabout!
Rebecca Korner £250.00
Maximilian Lester (5KN), Marcus Lester (5KS)
Helena Pastoriza-Tan £100.00
Cornelia colonius £30.00
Birthday for Max L, Damian and Paul
Emma Jackson £75.00
From Leo Jackson 4KN, donating some birthday and pocket money
Anonymous £20.00
Ninfa Grazzini £60.00
For Max, Damien, and Paul’s party from Suri xx
Anonymous £50.00
For Max, Damian and Paul’s birthday, from Louis
Kate Wogan £60.00
Max, Paul and Damien’s birthday donations, Thomass Kensington
Loutfy Mansour £250.00
Thomas’ Kensington £20,000.00
Cassandra Gay Torroella £20.00
I would like to donate on behalf of Annabel Clarke
Anonymous £20.00
In lieu of gifts on behalf of Annabel Clarke's birthday
Anonymous £20.00
Donation to the foundation (in lieu of gifts on behalf of Annabel Clarke's birthday)
Anonymous £20.00
Donation to the foundation (in lieu of gifts on behalf of Annabel Clarke's birthday)
Anonymous £20.00
Donation to the foundation (in lieu of gifts on behalf of Annabel Clarke's birthday)
Anonymous £25.00

Raised £30,443.00 $39,880.33

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That's 122 life-changing wheelchair(s)!
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