Wetherby Kensington for Walkabout!

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Wetherby Kensington

Wetherby Kensington for Walkabout!

On Friday October 8th, Wetherby Kensington will be completing a fun charity walk around Battersea Park!

We will get together as a school to walk in honour of those who can’t and try to build as many wheelchairs as possible so we can send them to children in need in the developing world! Every £250 raised is the equivalent of one life-changing wheelchair.

Every donation will help Walkabout in their mission of changing the world of mobility disabilities – one person, one wheelchair at a time!

Thank you for visiting our page and supporting us!

Click here to visit Wetherby Kensington’s website.

Latest Donations

Kenendy Wilson £250.00
B Amsellem £200.00
Agata Wejchert Dworniak £500.00
This is a wonderful initiative! My mother has been in a wheelchair for almost 10 years so I know firsthand the difficulties a handicapped person faces.
Anonymous £50.00
Nicole Morgano £200.00
Happy to Sponsor 2C the wonderful class of my nephew Enrico Maria
Elena S Petchenikova £200.00
emily Sutter £250.00
We love the interactive charity work that your team does. Getting the kids involved is an amazing way to spend our afternoon.
Melanie Davies £250.00
In support of Ariel Dejanovic! Good job class 1A on your walkabout!
Esther Nayyar £250.00
Supporting this great cause with Isaac (RN) and Noah (2C)
Michele Brunnberg £100.00
Sally Alnaqeeb £100.00
Sarah Barker £125.00
Sponsoring Balthazar and the boys from RR!
Ozan Akgul £100.00
Sponsoring Ares Akgul and all his friends in RR! Well done boys!!
shikha mangal £250.00
Sharing is caring is what we teach our kids, What is more better way to show our kids
Fiona D'Silva £100.00
Sponsoring Davide Lia and all his friends in 1P! Well done boys!!
Sonia Lakhani £100.00
Sponsoring Zain in 1P
Margaret Wojton £100.00
Sponsoring Graham Herb and all of his friends in 1A. Well done boys!
Anonymous £400.00
Madina Kaztayeva £250.00
Sponsoring my son Akbar Aldiyar!
Charlotte Tilbury £250.00
The children at weathby Kensington and doing a charity walk
Anonymous £30.00
Raghini Brar £50.00
I am sponsoring Fateh Brar and all the boys in 3KB. Good luck!
Anonymous £100.00
Sarah Richsrdson £100.00
Sponsoring Aaron Richardson and all the other boys in 2C. Looking forward to seeing you all on the walk
Sylvia Kontek £125.00
Sponsoring Maximilian (RN)
Susan Crawford £125.00
Sponsoring Theo (2C) I hope you get good weather!
Anna Machkevitch £250.00
Anonymous £10.00
Micheal Irwin £250.00
Raja Gedeon £100.00
Sponsoring Julius in 2A
Anonymous £150.00
Roberta Giribuola £250.00
Sponsoring my boys Daniel (2C) and Samuel (RN) and all Wetherby Kensington! Thanks Walkabout Foundation for the opportunity given!
Marina Granovskaia £200.00
Juan Nunez-Martinez £100.00
Leo and Benedict Keller (2C and 2A). Happy to support the cause!
Jonna Jarvenpaa Scherb £250.00
Juan M Manrique £250.00
Sponsoring Rafael Manrique from 2A.
Sarah Tarnowski £200.00
Sponsoring Oliver Tarnowski (2A) and happy to support the walkabout foundation.
Oladipupo Alakija £30.00
Maria Cecília Maranhao £50.00
Donata Davidoff £100.00
Paula Taylor £150.00
Maria Cote £50.00
Turab Musayev £200.00
Nicole Gregor £100.00
Phil , Stefan and I would like to support all the boys in Class 2C. Sadly Stefan can not attend this time but we will thinking of you all during this great journey x
Josephine Zhang £100.00
Manuela Morgano £400.00
Sponsoring my son Enrico Maria and happy to support Walkabout Foundation
Elena Cho £250.00
Sponsoring Christian Kwan in 1A.
Deanne Anderson £100.00
My grandfather was paralyzed from an accident at 33 years old. He used a wheelchair the rest of his life. I want to help others in need of one too by supporting John on his walk.
Fotini Kofidou £20.00
Well done Wetherby boys!
John Brantl £250.00
Sponsoring John Brantl for the walkabout in Battersea Park
Mikhail Grinberg £1.00

Raised £8,366.00 $10,959.46

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That's 33 life-changing wheelchair(s)!