250 chairs to Argentina

In October 2015 we travelled to Argentina, where we distributed a container of 250 RoughRiders with our amazing local partner, Fundacion Banco Provincia (BAPRO). We travelled around the province, distributing specially adapted chairs to both children and adults, and meeting some truly incredible and inspirational people. We would like to share a few with you.


Marcelo is 30 years old, and lost both legs in a train accident aged just 15. He is clever and capable but has never been able to find a job — until now he’s been living on meagre state benefits while begging on the streets of Buenos Aires. Thanks to the coordinated action between Walkabout, BAPRO and local partners Marcelo now has his first ever wheelchair, new prosthetics on the way and has just received a job offer at a local library!


Priscilla turned 10 the day we gave her a wheelchair. She suffers from myotonic dystrophy, as does her three year old sister Zaina, with whom she had been sharing an old and battered wheelchair. Priscilla was thrilled and couldn’t stop smiling! And don’t worry, we didn’t forget her sister – she got a brand new RoughRider too!


Nestor put on his Sunday best to receive his wheelchair. He had polio as a child but that has never stopped him from living life to the full. He is a great cook and at 70 is still a true “galan” (go check that in your dictionary!).

It wouldn’t have been possible to change the lives of any of these incredible individuals or the other 247 without your amazing generosity and support. Many asked us to thank you so here goes the biggest Thank you!