Ian’s Story

Ian is a 10-year-old boy from Santa Fe. He is passionate about learning foreign languages and painting. He loves going to school and making new friends, despite the fact that Ian can’t walk and has been carried around by his parents his whole life.

In March 2019, thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of our Kilimanjaro Heroes, he received his first ever wheelchair. Now he can be independent and experience all the opportunities that come with a gift of mobility, including following his dreams.


Cardoso’s Story

Cardoso is an 8-year-old boy from Buenos Aires with a dream of becoming an engineer. He loves studying and it was no surprise for us to find out that his favourite subject was math. But Cardoso is unable to walk and has been carried around by his parents everywhere he went. Thanks to the amazing funraising efforts of our Kilimanjaro Heroes, in March 2019, he received his first ever wheelchair and is now able to experience all the opportunities that come with a gift of mobility.

Argentina 2019 Film

340 Wheelchairs In Argentina!

In July 2018, 4 Walkabout Heroes, Matias, Diego, Will and Lucas climbed over 19,000 feet to reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Their extraordinary campaign, thanks to hugely generous donations, raised over $76,000, enough to send an entire container of 340 rough terrain, locally repairable wheelchairs to Argentina!

Over the course of 10 days, in what has been our largest distribution ever to that country, Team Walkabout, Diego and our local partner traveled to 6 different locations to personally fit each chair and train the new users in wheelchair skills, ensuring they learnt how to use and look after their new device. Over the course of the trip, our team met people with incredible and heart wrenching stories, and the difference these wheelchairs will make to every person’s life is unique.

You too can become a star fundraiser and make our next life-transforming wheelchair distribution come true! Be inspired and become a Walkabout Hero, or simply donate today.

250 chairs to Argentina

In October 2015 we travelled to Argentina, where we distributed a container of 250 RoughRiders with our amazing local partner, Fundacion Banco Provincia (BAPRO). We travelled around the province, distributing specially adapted chairs to both children and adults, and meeting some truly incredible and inspirational people. We would like to share a few with you.


Marcelo is 30 years old, and lost both legs in a train accident aged just 15. He is clever and capable but has never been able to find a job — until now he’s been living on meagre state benefits while begging on the streets of Buenos Aires. Thanks to the coordinated action between Walkabout, BAPRO and local partners Marcelo now has his first ever wheelchair, new prosthetics on the way and has just received a job offer at a local library!


Priscilla turned 10 the day we gave her a wheelchair. She suffers from myotonic dystrophy, as does her three year old sister Zaina, with whom she had been sharing an old and battered wheelchair. Priscilla was thrilled and couldn’t stop smiling! And don’t worry, we didn’t forget her sister – she got a brand new RoughRider too!


Nestor put on his Sunday best to receive his wheelchair. He had polio as a child but that has never stopped him from living life to the full. He is a great cook and at 70 is still a true “galan” (go check that in your dictionary!).

It wouldn’t have been possible to change the lives of any of these incredible individuals or the other 247 without your amazing generosity and support. Many asked us to thank you so here goes the biggest Thank you!

First distribution in Argentina

Team Walkabout headed to Argentina at the end of October 2013 to donate 250 wheelchairs. It was our first time in the country and we were thrilled by the overwhelming response that we received from the government, the people and through social media. As part of our partnership with Fundacion Banco Pro-vincia (BAPRO), we spent time donating chairs in La Matanza. La Plata, Mar del Plata. Balcarce and Buenos Aires alongside various members of BAPRO, including their president Karina Rabolini, who came along to meet the wheelchair recipients and learn more of how we were helping her country. We were also honoured to be a part of a special ceremony hosted by the governor Daniel Scioli, where co-founder Carolina gave a speech on the importance of fitted wheelchairs and told the story of Walkabout to a room full of wheelchair recipients, their families and the press. We would like to thank Fundacion BAPRO and the people of Argentina for their enormous support during this trip.