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A Personal Note From Quadriplegic Hero, Kirk

Hello fellow Walkabout friends, I’d like to take a quick minute here to introduce myself. I’m Kirk Williams, a quadriplegic adventure photographer, world traveler, and adaptive vanlifer. I just returned from an incredible trip around Patagonia in my wheelchair accessible campervan where I have been teaching others about adaptive vanlife and raising awareness about all […]

A Personal Letter From Our Co-Chair, Alex

Dear Walkabout Friends, I was 16 when my life was turned upside down by a car accident that left me completely paralysed from the waist down. Thankfully, I was able to receive fantastic rehabilitation care and found a way to get on with my life – although from then on in a wheelchair. Inspired by […]

A Personal Note From Our Cofounder, Luis

Dear Friends, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what to write for September’s  Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month and I’ve settled on addressing “quality of life” for people with disabilities and how it’s essential for meeting the true definition of what it means to really be alive. This is applicable to people in general […]

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

Walkabout Foundation was founded by siblings Luis and Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster after Luis was left Spinal Cord Injured at the age of 18. Eleven years ago, Carolina and Luis completed the famous Camino de Santiago walk to raise funds and awareness of Walkabout. That day, Luis became the first person in the history of Spain to cross […]

The 2.6 Challenge

We’re joining thousands of UK charities to boost charity funds through tough fundraising times   With so many events and fundraising opportunities now cancelled due to the COVID19 pandemic, the UK’s different event organisers have come together and created a challenge for millions of us around the country to get behind and generate vital support […]

Natalina’s Story

Natalina, at age 105, fled her home in South Sudan in 2019. The fear and danger in the area was just too much to bear. Although it’s not really what she wants it to be, she at least feels safe in the Palorinya refugee settlement camp. She puts her longevity into gardening and lentils. We […]

Saviour’s Story

  Meet Saviour. As a child, he has been mistreated by his father, while the boy’s health worsened by the day. An unknown illness eventually paralysed his legs, leaving him unable to leave the house. With an abusive father and a serious ailment, Saviour had no hopes for the future. Yet, three years ago Saviour […]

Walkabout Returns to Northern Uganda

  It’s been 7 years since the South Sudanese Civil War, which has caused nearly two million refugees to flee to Northern Uganda. Life in the refugee camps of Bidibidi, Palorinya, and Adjumani is very tough; yet, it is even harder for those with disabilities. That is why last week, thanks to Euromonitor International, Walkabout […]

110 kids in Venezuela received the gift of mobility

Thanks to your generosity last Christmas, we were able to raise enough funds to send a container of 110 paediatric wheelchairs to Venezuela, which have just recently been distributed to the neediest of kids around the country. Children and their families came from all over the nation, travelling up to 2 days in order to […]

Eva Maria’s Story

Eva Maria is a cheeky four-year-old girl who had never had a wheelchair before. She was pushed around in a stroller meant for children much younger than her, which gave her no independence and made her feel insecure around other children her age. You can’t imagine how happy she was to see her first wheelchair […]

Ian’s Story

Ian is a 10-year-old boy from Santa Fe. He is passionate about learning foreign languages and painting. He loves going to school and making new friends, despite the fact that Ian can’t walk and has been carried around by his parents his whole life. In March 2019, thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of our […]