Argentina has the second highest human development index of the Latin American countries, yet in 2010, still 14.8% of its population was disabled and 91% of the disabled were unemployed.

Although many laws have been passed since the 1980s to increase employment rates, those who are disabled have been refused employment for decades. Without jobs, these families are stuck in poverty. Our wheelchairs have meant that hundreds of people have been able to return to work with their new mobility.

About Argentina
% living below poverty line32.2
Our work
Year started working2013
Number of distributions4
Lives impacted

This number is based on UCP Wheels for Humanity’s multiplier, which takes the birth rate in each country and estimates that one wheelchair impacts the beneficiaries life in full, 0.75% of his or her primary caregiver’s life and 0.25% of the surrounding family members’ (siblings) lives.

Number of chairs distributed1,140


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