Haiti has the lowest Human Development Index in the Americas, and the richest 1% of the population own the same wealth as 45% of the poorest Haitians. It has suffered from decades of political instability, and is frequently affected by devestating natural disasters.

Walkabout started working in Haiti just 6 days after the catastrophic 2010 earthquake, which killed 230,000 people and injured an estimated 300,000, many of whom were left with long-term disabilities. In 2021, we returned to Haiti to build the HHA Walkabout Wheelchair Distribution Centre together with our long-standing partner, Hope Health Action. Our centre  provides Haiti with a regular and sustainable supply of wheelchairs, transforming hundreds of lives every year.

About Haiti
% living below poverty line58.5
Our work
Year started working2010
Number of distributions21
Lives impacted

This number is based on UCP Wheels for Humanity’s multiplier, which takes the birth rate in each country and estimates that one wheelchair impacts the beneficiaries life in full, 0.75% of his or her primary caregiver’s life and 0.25% of the surrounding family members’ (siblings) lives.

Number of chairs distributed6,919


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