Rachel’s story

When we met Rachel in Uganda in 2014, she was crawling over 4 kilometres every day just to get to school. She was born with a congenital birth defect, and spent twelve years on the ground – never at eye level of others, often with cuts on her arms and legs, and always dirty.

We gave Rachel her first wheelchair and it transformed her life. She was no longer force to move around in an undignified, painful way; she could now arrive at school clean and ready to learn. She was able to interact with friends and people in her community while looking at their faces not their legs.

In 2016, we checked on Rachel again and selected her to receive a trike. She simply couldn’t stop beaming. Her wheelchair had brought incredible change to her life, but the tricycle took this one step further – it now only takes her half the time to get to school with a lot less effort and struggle.