Strengthening Communities and Empowering  Caregivers in Kenya

In May 2024, the Walkabout Kenya Team, together with Bethany Kids, hosted a special training session to help caregivers and community workers better support children with disabilities.

We brought together 12 wonderful participants, including mothers, a grandmother, and community workers from various parts of Kenya. Our Kenya Country Manager, Paul Maina, and our Occupational Therapist, Kate Nandi, led the training. They aimed to give everyone the skills and confidence needed to start caregiver groups within their communities.

From the start, participants shared their hopes, from becoming experts in special needs care to raising awareness in their communities. The week-long training was hands-on and engaging, making it easy for everyone to learn and grow together.

The team covered important topics like understanding caregiver roles, and practical aspects like feeding, play, and communication. We made sure the sessions were not just about learning theory but also about practising through role-plays, group discussions, and self-reflection.

A highlight of the training was a workshop on reusable diapers, led by our community outreach officer, Charity Nana. This workshop showed our commitment to empowerment and sustainability.

As the training ended, participants left with clear action plans and a renewed sense of purpose. With certificates in hand, they are now ready to create supportive communities for caregivers of children with developmental disabilities.

The impact of this training goes beyond the 12 participants. By empowering caregivers across Kenya, we hope to create a ripple effect that could reach thousands within a year. We are excited to follow up with the participants as they put their new knowledge to work and bring positive changes to their communities.